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Parisian Diet

Dr Jean-Michel Cohen recommends a three-phase program based on healthy French eating habits. What is it: A three-phase program based on healthy French eating habits – we hope they mean cheese, bread and wine! Bon appétit, mon cherie! The Good: “What I love about this diet is the focus on the enjoyment of food,” says […]

Eating little & often does NOT boost metabolism

Eating multiple mini meals does not boost metabolism or promote weight loss, research presented to the Society for Endicrinology shows. When 24 lean and obese women were given two meals or five meals comprising equal calories, energy expenditure over 24 hours was comparable. It’s another nail in the coffin for eating regimes promising to trick […]

HCG diet – does it really work?

The somewhat controversial HCG Protocol looks to the hormones for weight loss success, in particular human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). What it is Developed initially by British endocrinologist Albert Simeons, the diet has been significantly refined – and complicated – to now include a 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. Dr Simeons was famous for injecting HCG […]