Dr Jean-Michel Cohen recommends a three-phase program based on healthy French eating habits.

What is it: A three-phase program based on healthy French eating habits – we hope they mean cheese, bread and wine! Bon appétit, mon cherie!

The Good: “What I love about this diet is the focus on the enjoyment of food,” says Tzvetkoff. “It doesn’t deprive people of the foods they love and instead focuses on portion control – the key to weight loss.”

The Bad: The diet isn’t budget friendly and trying to find the foods at specialist grocers could see it relegated to the ‘too hard basket’. Success on this diet demands precision with portion size, so Richardson warns that you could still gain weight. “You can still put high calorie foods in a small bowl,” he says.

The Ugly: Tzvetkoff points out that this diet is very high in protein and doesn’t allow for many fresh vegies, which could result in dieters straying or simply giving up. “It’s higher in animal products and lower in carbs, including vegetables, which may make it difficult to maintain,” says Tzvetfkoff. It also recommends drinking diet soft drinks, which we all remember from last issue can actually promote iffy food choices and, ultimately, weight gain.

Daily do-it: The Parisian Diet still allows you to enjoy the food you love, but in smaller portions. It also teaches you the benefits in buying fresh and not overprocessed foods. Go to your local farmers market and forage. Buy the most expensive cheese you can find and cut off a sliver, noting how satisfied you feel. While you may have needed 10 Kraft Free Singles, a nibble will do. Genius.

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