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4 Things To Remember When Considering Cosmetic Injections

Plump lips, smooth skin, full cheeks: they come naturally to some people, whilst other people get a little help from their dermatologist. If you’re unsure whether your friend or a certain celebrity has them, that’s why you’re unsure. The latest injectable treatments are not only easy to acquire, but designed for subtlety and long lasting. […]

Why you should use a cleansing brush

 Washing your face is one thing, gently polishing it with a specially developed cleansing brush is completely another. According to dermal therapist James Vivian, “Cleansing brushes are generally designed to assist the cleansing process by removing more foreign accumulations from the skin while simultaneously stimulating the complexion to detoxify and bring oxygen and nutrients to […]

Omnilux anti-ageing treatment

Omnilux is an anti-ageing skin treatment that stimulates collagen and encourages healing. What is Omnilux? A light therapy device that uses red LED light at specific wavelengths to stimulate collagen and act as a non-invasive anti-inflammatory agent. While most anti-ageing treatments purposely damage the skin to encourage the process of healing, Omnilux causes no thermal […]

Isolaz 2 – acne treatment

Isolaz 2 is a complexion-clearing procedure that helps clean pores and destroy acne. What is it? Want to treat acne with more than over-the-counter creams and lifestyle changes? This complexion-clearing procedure may be worth considering. Appropriate for every skin type and colour, it combines vacuum extraction to clean the pores, broadband light to destroy acne-causing […]

Cleansing – an essential step in your beauty regimen

A solid cleansing regimen will keep your skin fresh, radiant and blemish free. With so much focus on finding make-up with more staying power than Bruce Springsteen, getting it off is often a race season afterthought. But a solid cleansing regimen throughout the racing carnival will keep you blemish free beneath the face paint. As […]