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7 Amazing Home Workout Tips for Busy Moms


Moms are undeniably busy with the never-ending motherhood tasks and chores at home. True enough, it’s even harder to squeeze in workouts amidst a busy home life – kids roaming around and dishes waiting in the counter-top! But don’t lose hope, there is hope for all moms who wish to stay fit and healthy with these fantastic home workout tips.

  1. Tricep Dips – You can do this by positioning your hands apart in a shoulder-width using a stable chair or bench. After this, slide your bum off the front of the chair while your legs are put forward in front. Straighten your arms and slightly bend your elbows to create tension on your elbow joints and triceps.
  2. Step-Ups – To begin this home workout tip, put your right foot on a stable chair. Push through your right heel when you step on the chair while you bring your left foot to meet the right in a standing position. After this step, you can return to the starting position by putting the right foot down, followed by the left foot. You can do the same steps on the other side.
  1. Alternating Lunges with Center Squats – Do this by making sure your upper body is straight while your shoulders are on your hips. Maintain a chin-up position, too, so you won’t keep looking down. After such, step forward using one leg then gradually lower your hips until your knees are in a 90-degree angle bent position. Maintain the weight on your heels while you push up back to the first position. Do this repeatedly.
  2. Regular Squats – Begin by standing straight while putting your arms in the front. The next step is to lower your body and gradually push your hips back and bend your knees. Do this by making sure that your body weight goes into your heels and maintain a composed spine. Remember as well that your lower body must be parallel to the floor.
  1. Push-ups – This is one of the excellent home workout tips, but we’ll discuss it anyway. Start by placing your hands under your shoulders. Make sure to place them slightly more extensive than a shoulder-width length. Position your body in a straight line while lowering your body to the ground. Your chest should touch the ground then lift back up.
  2. Planks – Put your hands under your shoulders as if you’re doing a push-up. Point your toes onto the floor and stabilize your body by squeezing your glutes. Move on a little as you neutralize your spine and neck by looking down. Also, make sure that your head and back are aligned. Indeed, it’s one of the best home workout tips without much difficulty.
  3. Inchworm – Stand up while your feet are close together. Be sure to keep your legs straight while stretching down and put your hands onto the floor. The challenge is when you walk your hands slowly forward. While doing it, bend at the hip and keep the straightened legs. Continue walking until your body is parallel to the floor.

You don’t have to do all these home workout tips all at once. You can choose what’s comfortable for you, then slowly transition to the other home workouts. Take time to follow these home workout tips as they’re easy to follow!