What is it: The idea that you eat food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible.

The Good: According to health coach Jessica Nazarali, from livehealthysimply.com.au, “Clean eating suggests that you avoid processed and sugary foods, which is something I am sure everyone in the health industry would agree is a good thing.”

The Bad: Cost is about the worst of it.

The Ugly: Nazarali says that incorporating clean eating into your diet is a positive step all round – not only for weight loss.

“As a whole, the clean eating diet is pretty good. My only concern is that it doesn’t take into account any intolerances or allergies, and that it advocates five meals a day, which may or may not work for everyone.”

Her advice? Try it and make adjustments to suit your lifestyle, dietary needs, budget, location and preferences.

Daily do-it: Eat fresh, in-season whole foods and drink plenty of water.

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