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Food labelling: a case of natural selection?

Packaged and convenience foods line the aisles of every supermarket. Riddled with mystery chemical ingredients such as stabilisers and preservatives, their labelling can be almost impossible to decipher. Food manufacturers know that health sells, and product labelling is the front line in getting the message across to time-poor shoppers. Buzz words like ‘lite’, ‘organic’, ‘scientifically […]

The effects of overtraining

Think you may have overtrained a little? Don’t ignore the signs during your workouts. Overtraining is a very real concern and shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Overtraining happens when a person has repeatedly exercised at an intensity, quantity and duration that is more than their body can recover from,” says Yujin Lim, exercise physiologist from Optimal […]

Anything but gym: the benefits of hiking, cycling and running

Looking to take your workouts outdoors? We take a look at the benefits of hiking, cycling and running and what to look out for. GOOD FOR Taking your cardiovascular training outdoors may be the answer to increased motivation and dodging results plateaus according to the latest research. One study published in the journal Environmental Science […]

How HIIT training helps you burn more fat

Burn more fat by adding two-three high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to your weekly workouts. Find out more with these expert insights. While building lean muscle will aid in boosting metabolic activity while at rest, HIIT – which involves short periods of intense work followed by even shorter recovery periods – performed two to three times […]

How to choose the best activewear for you

With so many brands and styles of activewear out there, we sometimes forget that specific garments are used for specific activities. Here, editor Katelyn Swallow explores which pieces are best, based on activity. From stitch to style The sheer number of activewear brands on the market means you probably haven’t considered how bolts of fabric […]

Why you should train your glutes

Covet strong glutes? We asked the Base Body Babes to share their advice when it comes to training your glutes. We love having and creating well balanced, beautifully proportioned and functional bodies. Our programs are specifically designed to ensure the body is structurally balanced and moving correctly, with a focus on posture and creating feminine proportions. […]

Best exercises for sport and cardio fitness

We take a look at top workouts and exercises for building up your sport and cardio fitness – think group fitness classes, running clubs, obstacle courses, hip-hop dance. GOOD FOR While not overly useful to the highly trained individual, low-key, entertainment-based group fitness classes or activities may provide a much needed push for the under-motivated. “These types […]