Milk which is best

Milk – which is best? Low fat, no fat, soy milk, dairy free – the choices are endless! So which is healthiest? Jessica Colacino investigates Milk – which is best? – Women’s Health & Fitness Australia Full Cream Milk What it is: Full cream milk or full-fat milk is cow’s milk that contains on average […]
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10 breakfast ideas for gym-goers

Eating a brekkie containing 20g of protein can help control your insulin levels and manage hunger throughout the day, says Susie Burrell, author of The Monday to Friday Diet. 1 slice grain toast + 50g smoked salmon + ¼ avocado
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How to eat well on a budget

Gluten-free frittata made with free-range eggs, or that top in the window? You don’t need to do the student diet to fund a decent lifestyle. WH&F’s savvy shoppers spill their secrets for eating well on the cheap. 1. Make a list Plan your meals and snacks for the week and shop armed with a comprehensive shopping list […]
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What’s the healthiest diet of all?

Stealing a few eating tips from abroad may keep you healthy into old age! Japanese cuisine boasts a buffet of health heroes JAPANESE Japanese cuisine boasts a buffet of health heroes, from antioxidant-rich yams to omega-3-rich tuna.  Thanks to the practice of hara hachi bu, which means ‘eat until you are eight parts (or 80 […]
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Top ingredients for a well-balanced smoothie

Learn how to get your nutrient fix with these top smoothie ingredients. The same criteria that govern optimal solid meals apply to liquid meals: fibrous carbs, lean protein, and a healthy fat source. ”A problem many people encounter is that they overload on the fruit, which will make the smoothie high in simple carbs, and lack the protein, so […]
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13 fitness foods for active women

Power-up your diet and boost your performance with these fitness foods for women who want to take their results to the next level, writes Sarina Lococo   1. Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the human body. Vitamin A is an important antioxidant that […]
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Healthy fats are KEY to a good diet

Healthy saturated fats are KEY to a good diet, says doctor Anastasia Boulais. Didn’t you get the memo? Fat is officially back. Anastasia Boulais is a medical doctor and spokesperson for the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand, which considers healthy saturated fats to be important within a good diet. “I prefer to steer people away […]
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10 winter feelgood foods

Don’t blame your blah mood on the rain. Winter misery might have more to do with what you put in your mouth. Here are 10 winter foods to boost your mood. Spinach: Containing folic acid, it helps to protect the brain. Low levels of folic acid can impair concentration
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