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Why the Golden Door Elysia Health Retreat & Spa is the best way to start the new year

Whether it’s a detox coming out of the festive period or a weekend getaway with the girls minus the extra holiday kilos, there’s no denying that health and fitness retreats are in high demand. But are they really worth your hard-earned coin? We sent WH&F editor Katelyn Swallow to world-renowned Golden Door Elysia Health Retreat & […]

Being Left Handed

Being left-handed Are you a southpaw, mollydooker or dreaded cacky-hander? Chances are, either you or someone you know writes, eats or plays sport with their left hand and has suffered these taunts. istockphotokeepleftsign_Body_image.jpg sdfsdf Much superstition and fear has historically surrounded left-handed people. They’ve been burnt as witches, beaten, shunned as marriage partners and endured […]

How To Improve Your Performance With Visualisation

How to improve your performance with visualisation We take a look at how visualisation can improve your performance when it comes to training.   One trip to your local gym and you will probably spot a lycra-clad fit-girl standing at her barbell in deadlift position – but without actually lifting the bar. Chances are she’s not […]