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Best health and fitness blogs 2015

14 amazing health and fitness blogs If you’re struggling for inspiration in between issues of Women’s Health & Fitness, these blogs have you covered. Read their personal journeys and get advice on running, nutrition, motherhood, weight loss and wellbeing. Girls Gone Strong It’s the age-old question in female fitness: how can you work out without […]

Being left-handed

Base Body Babes full-body barbell workout - Women's Health and Fitness magazine

Are you a southpaw, mollydooker or dreaded cacky-hander? Chances are, either you or someone you know writes, eats or plays sport with their left hand and has suffered these taunts. Much superstition and fear has historically surrounded left-handed people. They’ve been burnt as witches, beaten, shunned as marriage partners and endured having their ‘wrong’ hand […]