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5 ways to boost your happiness

Release the happy hormone! 1. Gossip with friends Evidence shows gossiping is the human equivalent to ape-bonding activity ‘social grooming’. The Oxford-based Social Issues Research Council (SIRC) says that gossiping is a primitive social, physical and psychological need that gives us a natural high. 2. Eat dark chocolate Dark chocolate contains a chemical our bodies […]

Fitness and training talk with M-Active ambassador Montana Farrah-Seaton

We caught up with trainer, former pro basketball and M-Active ambassador Montana Farrah-Seaton to chat about all things fitness, training and activewear. Can you tell us a bit about your career background and how you came about becoming an ambassador for M-Active? I was scouted by Chadwick Models management when I was 15 after doing […]

Full story: talking body confidence with cover models Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley

Thunder thighs. Mum tum. Tuckshop lady arms. Far from a biological predisposition, our modern tendency to criticise parts of our own body is instead an ugly by-product of a media-saturated world. Something that the October 2018 cover models and founders of body-love movement, AnyBODY, are on a mission to change. West-Aussie models and body confidence […]