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Overcoming motivational barriers

If you’re constantly lack motivation, these psychological tricks might save you a world of grief. The stick: Self doubt The fix: Self-inquiry Also known as ‘interrogative self-talk’, self-inquiry promotes acknowledging doubts as part of a process to overcome them. An empowering process, it demands articulating what you’ll do by turning them into questions.  How it works: […]

Positive body image with the AnyBODY girls Georgia Gibbs & Kate Wasley

We talk positive body image and its relationship to good health with cover models and founders of AnyBODY, Georgia Gibbs, and Kate Wasley.   Far from a biological predisposition, our modern tendency to criticise parts of our own body is instead an ugly by-product of a media-saturated world. Something that this month’s cover models and founders of body-love movement, AnyBODY, […]