A sound sleep is achievable with the right mattress simply because a bed is the focal spot of rest. It is true that to get healthy sleep, there are some activities you can carry out like a short meditation for relaxation, and other things, but all become a waste if your mattress isn’t up to the task of capping it all up.

If you are wondering about the qualities you should look out for in a mattress when getting one, well, here are some tips for you to use as guidelines.  


Comfort level: Your comfort attainment is your priority, and when getting a mattress, a quality to look out for in it is the level of comfort it can offer you. Convenience in terms of movements while in bed, temperature, support for body frame, and skeletal structure (pain-related comfort), among others. 

Once your mattress can check these criteria at least give any other comfort than can contribute to your convenience, then a good and healthy night’s sleep is guaranteed.


Density: A mattress’ foam density matters as it tells how closely packed together it is on the inside. A bed with low density can shrink over time and cause inconvenience.

If you want the ultimate mattress, then you have to get yourself a mattress that has a higher density as it offers better back support in any position you are in bed. Foams that have higher density weigh about 75kg per cubic meter, so look out for that. 


Overall Mattress Weight: Be on the lookout for mattresses that are light weighted and easy to carry. This quality is not just for comfort but also maintenance purposes.

Very thick mattresses are not heat resistant and usually have a poor texture. However, a light weighted mattress makes the maintenance and care of the bed easy. Sheet changing becomes a delight with lightweight beds due to the ease of carriage. 


Material: Make sure you are conversant with the material used in making the mattress, every online retail shop or company provides information on the type of material used in manufacturing the mattress. There are different materials manufacturers use, ranging from innerspring, latex, foam, air bed, and hybrid. Knowing the type that suits your skin can help you avoid skin issues and add to your comfort when sleeping. 


Mattress Firmness: Quite related to density, mattress firmness varies from extra soft to extra firm. Your choice should be based on the position you sleep in and your body weight. 


Knowing the ideal firmness that you need will help you get the right mattress for healthy sleep. For instance, an individual weighing about 250 pounds requires an extra firm mattress for weight support and comfort.

  • Mattress Size: The size of your mattress also contributes to the quality of the bed. There are six main sizes of a mattress — the Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. Deciding the right size ensures that the mattress is big enough to fit in comfortably.
  • Mattress Thickness: Find a mattress whose thickness is comfortable and perfect for you. The thickness of each mattress varies from less than 5 inches at least to over 15 inches. The type you choose should be at par with your body weight to ensure that the mattress can support you fully.


For more information on what to check out for in a quality mattress, watch this very insightful video below on how to unbox and lay a new mattress.

Should You Buy A Mattress Online In 2020?

With all the qualities listed above, it won’t be surprising if you are wondering whether it is advisable to buy your mattress online. To answer your concerns, buying online can be a great idea if you are buying from a reputable store or supplier. 

There are retail shops for mattresses online like Eva that save you the stress of getting confused when making the right mattress choice. Plus, you can order right from the comfort of your home. Once you place the order, transportation isn’t your problem since your mattress arrives in a box right at your doorstep. 

When you buy your mattress online, make sure to ask about the retailer’s or company’s return and warranty policies, so that if the bed isn’t up to taste, you can get your full payment back and send the mattress back to the company.



For quality night sleep, getting the right mattress matters a lot. To get the right mattress suitable for you, make sure you consider the density, thickness, weight, and material, while also keeping your comfortability in mind. Once you can tick all these boxes, then you can rest assured of a healthy sleep at night.