You do not want to go full pelt all the time. One hard workout a day can almost seem like too much sometimes. But what do you do when you can’t work up the strength to maintain the intense workout you are used to? We all have our off days and that is why we have compiled below some calm and easy glute and thigh exercises to do when you don’t want to do anything else.

Hip Drive

This is an easy exercise for beginners and will get those glutes in great shape! Start by sitting on your knees with your legs together, with your butt resting on your heels. Clench your glutes as you raise yourself to the kneeling position. Lower while you keep your glutes engaged. This is one rep, you should repeat for 15 reps per set.


Hip Thrust

Again, for your glutes, Lay don face up with your knees bent and shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the floor beneath you, under your shoulders, with your fingers facing away from you. Squeeze your glutes together and lift your hips so that you find yourself in a tabletop position. Keep your neck long and shoulder down as you slowly lower to the floor again. You should hold for a count of 5 before making your way back to the starting position.



Glute Bridge


Lay face up with your knees bent and shoulder width apart. Raise your hips up to the sky, engaging your glutes and your core. Lower down to the ground slowly and repeat for 10 reps during your set.


Crisscross Power Jacks

Moving onto your inner thighs, you can utilise the crisscross power jack to engage most muscle groups in your body and increase your heart rate while toning your inner thighs effectively. Stand with your feet together and as you exhale, jump your feet out and cross your arms over your head. Jump back in to the middle, crossing your left legs over your right and crossing your arms over your abdomen. Repeat this several times, alternating sides. This is a great exercise as part of a set.


Inner Thigh Blaster

This is a true low impact move. Stand about a foot away from a chair. Hold the chair or countertop with your right hand, or if you can balance free standing. Step your feet out hip-distance apart with your toes pointed straight ahead and place a soft, small ball between your thighs. Lift the balls of your heels and balance on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees around about an inch while you press your inner thighs into the ball. Keep your shoulders over your hips and ankles, all in line. You must keep your core tight too! Raise your hips back to the starting position, squeezing the ball tightly. Do 30 reps per set. This will act to tone your inner thighs while also working your core and outer thighs at the same time.