Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) has the ability to convert oxidised nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) into bodily functions such as energy production, gene expression and metabolism. However, as we age, NAD+ levels decline and cells stop dividing. Declining NAD+ levels are what leads to problems associated with age and chronic illness. This process is called cell senescence and can be decreased by utilising NMN supplements.


The benefits of NMN supplements

There are a range of potential benefits of NMN that are making it hugely popular amongst people looking to ward off the effects of aging. When NMN reaches an animal’s cells, it converts into NAD+, and this provides the body’s cells with the energy needed to help with healthy aging. It can provide the following health benefits:

Promotes blood flow and vascular health

People rely on their skeletal muscles for efficient movement, strength and stability. These muscles consume large amounts of key energy molecules like fatty acids and glucose to stay strong and in healthy condition. Our muscles require a steady supply of building blocks like NMN to metabolise these muscles.

Studies conducted on mice show that NMN protects against a variety of age-related health issues, including oxidative stress, stiffening the blood vessels, our cells’ potential to keep dividing and even alters how active our genes continue to be over time (gene expression).

Enhances muscle strength and endurance

Research indicates that mice who fed on NMN for extended periods enjoyed better energy metabolism without any obvious side effects. Our muscle health becomes more important as we age and NAD+ supplies begin to dwindle.

Protects against heart disease

Your heart requires NAD+ as you age to provide its required energy intake. Therefore, our cardiac cells require a healthy amount of NMN to maintain healthy function.

The list

These are just some of the key benefits of using NMN to convert into NAD+. We can see that taking NMN to convert into NAD+ can carry an awesome wealth of health benefits that could fight the effect of aging in humans.

We have produced a list of NMN supplement producers. To make this list, we have reviewed each company’s website and what kind of transparency they offer their customers. We have compiled this list based on reputation, purity and transparency.

With all this in mind, here are the best NMN supplements available to ward off the effects of aging.

1) Eternum Labs – Pure NMN Vegetarian Capsules

Form: Vegetarian capsules
Dose: 200mg
Tablet count: 30

Eternum Labs goes to the length of testing each and every NMN batch for purity during and after manufacturer. Each batch is then tested for heavy metals, solvent residues and toxins. Eternum Labs is produced in Australia in a certified laboratory operated by a qualified doctrine of science. It prides itself on producing the purest NMN in Australia.

2) Alive By Science NMN Sublingual Tablets

Form: Tablets
Dose: 125mg
Tablet count: 30

Alive By Science prides itself on being one of the most transparent NMN manufacturing labels available. They claim to have produced the first ever sublingual NMN supplement. Alive By Science NMN supplement contains monk fruit extract to produce a better flavour. Alive By Science is triple lab tested and provides COA certificates.


3) Quicksilver NAD+ Gold Liposomal NMN

Form: Liposomal liquid
Dose: 50mg per recommended two pump serving
Serve number: 50 per bottle

This is the only reviewed producer that makes NMN in liposomal form. Liposomal NMN might have higher bioavailability than its powdered counterpart. Quicksilver NAD+ also contains 50mg of TMG (betaine) to help with methylation.


4) Double Wood Supplements NMN Capsules

Form: Bovine gelatine capsule
Dose: 125mg per capsule
Capsule count: 60

Swallowing might be the best NMN absorption method and this capsule is made to be easily swallowed. You can also buy a Double Wood powdered option. The manufacturer provides quick links to its third party testing and COA results. They suggest you take on tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon as a minimum. They say you can take up to eight capsules a day. Unfortunately, Double Wood NMN is not suitable for vegans.

5) ProHealth Longevity NMN Pro 150 Tablets

Form: Tablets
Dose: 150mg
Tablet count: 30

ProHealth Longevity NMN supplement is a unique option as it claims to have the highest quality NMN serving possible. Why? Because ProHealth sources the NMN they distribute from the biotech company that conducted the first ever research trial regarding NMN and its safety for humans. ProHealth’s offering is also stable at room temperature.


6) Nutriop Pure-NMN Capsules

Form: Vegetarian capsules
Dose: 500mg
Tablet count: 30

Nutriop NMN supplements contain a 99% purity rate, according to Labs Mart’s recent certificate of analysis. Nutriop’s NMN supplement contains 500mg per capsule, making it the strongest serving reviewed on this list. The company is renowned throughout the UK for its anti-aging products.


7) MAAC10 NMN Capsules

Form: Vegetarian capsules
Dose: 125mg
Tablet count: 30

MAAC10 NMN supplement provides certificate of analysis containing a recent test. The results indicate that their supplement contains slightly more NMN than what is indicated on the bottle with 138mg as opposed to 125mg. MAAC10 provides a purity and quality guarantee.


8) GeneX Formulas

Form: vegetarian capsules
Dose: 125mg
Tablet count: 60

GeneX is a label with a heavy focus on producing anti-aging products. They produce both capsule and sublingual powder options. They provide recent third party lab testing as well as dosage verification. They provide detailed timeline referencing of NMN science from 1980 onward.

Things to remember when buying NMN supplements

The above-listed have been chosen as reputable, transparent NMN supplement manufacturers. There are different ways we judge a company on its quality and transparency, including:

  • Third party lab testing
  • Ingredients listings
  • Solid manufacturing facility processes
  • A pre-established reputation for quality
  • Product purity

It is important to steer clear of NMN supplement producers that do not make the grade regarding the above-listed aspects. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing a product that is subpar and doesn’t provide the required nutrition you need.