Christmas gifts to get your teens out of the house

Finding a gift for a teenager that will cause a “wow factor” is not an easy task. As holidays are synonymous, for many parents, teenagers at home, in front of the computer, mobile phone or video game, a new gift is a good incentive to get teens off the screen. To help you on the mission to find the perfect Christmas gifts to get your teens out of the house, we listed 5 cool recommendations that will make you the parent of the year! 


  1. Electric skateboard


Teenagers love group activities, with friends, and doing things differently. If the teenager you present is an adrenaline seeker, an electric skateboard is the ideal Christmas gift. It’s different, cool and rad! 


Going for a fun electric skateboard ride is an amazing way to build rapport between parents and teens. In the video below posted on Instagram, Mike and his daughter, Caylie, tell how going for a ride on an e-skate brought them close together. Everything started when he noticed that she was using his board and then got her electric skateboard as a Christmas gift. Now, they spend hours skating the neighbourhood together and are closer than ever.


Quick note: if they are under 16 years old, they will need to be accompanied by an adult. 


  1. Surfboard


If your teen loves being in the water, there’s nothing better than learning how to surf. Even if your son or daughter already knows how to surf, there’s always room to add another board to the quiver. 


Surfing is known for its many benefits. Surfing assists with stress management and relaxation, which contributes to mental well-being. While surfing, the surfer needs to focus on the wave, forgetting daily concerns and directing its energy towards the sea.


3.Audio Sunglasses


Are you looking for a futuristic type of gift this Christmas? Well, we got you covered with the audio sunglasses. As much as teenagers all love Bluetooth earbuds and sunglasses, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to combine them both into a single package? We doubt your teen will stay at home after getting one of those as a Christmas gift.


  1. Roundnet combo set


The Roundnet is the ultimate beach game. It’s fun, easy to play, and it definitely will attract some attention from people nearby. The small trampoline-like net is set at ankle level between the two teams while the players take turns hitting the ball onto the net, so it ricochets up at the opponent. It’s a nice game for the entire family during the holiday season.


  1. Stylish bike helmet


Let’s be honest! A cool, stylish bike helmet is a must-have for any teen who uses their bike to go to school or just to get around. There are budget models, but that meet the basic requirements of protection with comfort and other ultralight options with the most advanced materials. Concerned about the environment? Don’t worry! There are options available online that have innovative features that include vegan-friendly straps and offset their annual carbon emissions.


Teens who spend time outdoors regularly are better able to get along with others, healthier and happier. It has a positive impact on immunity, memory, sleep, learning ability, sociability, physical ability – and contributed significantly to the integral well-being of young people. Playing outdoors provides a variety of situations in which they will have the autonomy to choose the risks they want to take, manage them and learn from them. And, in this way, the teenager will reach adulthood more confident and resilient, able to deal with life’s adversities. This Christmas season makes sure you find a gift that can be used outdoors, as a way to incentive your teen to be outside, far from the screens.