Keeping your body in proper standing alignment with core stabilisation and isolation of the tricep overhead extension is an excellent total body exercise with focus on the tricep muscles. The overhead tricep extension is something that can be easily achieved and you do not really need any special equipment to perform it in your own home. Although there are many expensive machines at the gym that will allow you to do such an intensive exercise, all you really need is a cable or rope long enough to pull over your head from behind.

The set up:

Attach this rope to a sturdy piece of furniture or railing, anything that will not move under pressure. It is quite an intensive exercise which will certainly work your triceps as the main muscle group as well as other muscle groups including your back. It is at a beginner level of difficulty, so anyone can give this a try and your strength and endurance will increase over time. It works the tricep muscles by the action of reaching behind your neck and helping to build stronger and bigger arms at the same time.

There are a few steps involved in the tricep overhead extension in order to make the most out of the exercise. It is a great addition to any workout and can be incorporated into any part of the routine, from beginning to end.


You will begin by standing straight, with your feet shoulder length apart. At this point, keep your back straight and drawn in tightly. From here, take the rope or cable in both of your hands and raise it over your head with your palms facing forward. This is the starting and finishing position that you should return to after each rep. Now you can slowly lower the rope in an arc motion behind your head. Here you will be able to feel the stretch while you isolate your tricep muscles. Hold this position for one count and then slowly raise the rope back to your initial starting position. You can repeat this exercise for as many reps as plausible in your routine. As little as 15 reps can do the trick and act to increase your tricep strength in no time at all.

What else can you do to work your triceps?

There are plenty of other exercises that can increase your trice strength if you really need to concentrate on this area. Of course, these should not limit, or be the focus of your entire workout, as you will want to balance working for all your muscle groups equally for an overall toned body. You can look into moves such as the cable reverse grip low tricep kickback and the dumbbell lying single extension. It is easy to conduct this exercise in the comfort of the gym with the number of machines that they have at your disposal, but we have outlined how you can do it anytime, anywhere. There is no need for expensive equipment and overpriced gym memberships if you have access to the basics and have the drive to get motivated and take up the challenge! It is easy to create your effective workout routine at home with little, or inexpensive, equipment.