We all long for that perfectly toned booty. But to get there, you need to work on those glutes and thighs! To find out where to begin read on and see the best brazilian butt exercises.


Squat and Lunge

Standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and toes facing forward, and slightly turned out, lower your body into a squat. Your hand should be held at your chest for the entire exercise. As you squat, keep your knees from passing your toes. Come back to your starting position and take a big step in front with your left foot into a lunge. Stop when your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Return to the start and this is one rep. You can alternate sides, with 15 reps on each side.  


Side-to-Side Squat Jump

Beginning in the squat position, feet shoulder-width apart, hands together at your chest. Part your hands and swing your arms behind your body. This will allow the necessary momentum as you jump both feet as far as you can to the right, then back again. You will land in the squat position with each jump. You can alternate from side to side, as per the name of the exercise. One rep is jumping one way and then back to the starting position. This should be repeated 15 times before you move on in your routine.  


Lateral Squat Walk

To begin the Lateral Squat Walk you will, of course, need to be in the squat position. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your hands will be held together in front of your chest. Step your left foot out to the side and step twice, then back again with the right. As you do this, engage your abs, keeping them tight. Two steps to the left then back to the right are classified as one rep. You can repeat this for 15 reps and if you seek a little extra resistance you can place a mini band around your thighs. 


Donkey Kick

Similarly to the animal it is named after, this exercise starts on all fours. Your wrists should be under your shoulders and knees. With your right legs bent at 90 degrees, lift your toes to the ceiling, stop when your thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to the start and repeat for 15 reps on each side.


Glute Bridge

To begin, lay on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Your arms will be laying by your side. Squeeze your glutes together and slowly lift your hips off the floor below. In the end, your body should be in a straight line, all the way from your shoulders to your knees. Hold for two seconds before lowering back to the floor and start all over again. Try for 15 reps and move straight onto your next exercise.


There you have it, the perfect brazilian butt workout. Get into this routine at least 3 times a week and you’ll be showing off that booty in no time!