What do your cravings say about your state of mind? See which foods represent anger, depression, anxiety, sexual frustration and jealousy

Science types have found a strong connection between specific mood states and cravings for certain foods.

D’uh of the year award, maybe, but the findings – including a link between stressed adrenal glands and salt cravings – aren’t so futile if you use them to identify what’s going on in your head and deal with it, well, head on.

>> You want chips, pretzels or a crunchy Anzac bikkie


>> You want a cinnamon doughnut

MOOD CHECK: Depression

>> You want a choc-mint Cornetto or custard


>> You want pasta or rice

MOOD CHECK: Loneliness or sexual frustration

>> You want everything you can think of

MOOD CHECK: Jealousy

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