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What to eat after training

The aim of post-workout nutrition is to promote recovery between training sessions and optimise training results. Your post-run nosh should: 1. Refuel the muscle and liver glycogen (carbohydrate) stores The main dietary factor in post-workout refuelling is the amount of carbohydrate consumed. The amount you require will depend on the fuel cost of the workout […]

Coconut water – the perfect hangover cure!

Had too many New Year’s Eve cocktails? A dash of coconut is just what you need to banish your hangover. ADD TO CART: We love the sweet taste of Kokomo natural coconut water, with just 274kJ per 330ml tetra pack, $2.50, Coconut water contains five essential electrolytes including potassium, to restore the toasted body’s […]

Dairy-free milk alternatives

Lactose intolerant? Take a crash course in milk alternatives with co-founder of Thailand’s Kamalaya health resort ( and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Karina Stewart. Seed and nut milks are the new black (or white, rather). “Rich in phytosterols, they can reduce cholesterol, enhance immunity and decrease the risk of certain cancers,” Stewart says. “The […]

Watermelon juice aids muscle recovery

Help your muscles recover after a tough workout. It’s a staple among the exercise in-crowd, but now watermelon juice has the blessing of science for speeding recovery from muscle soreness. In a study reported in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, athletes who knocked back fresh watermelon juice an hour before exercise experienced less […]

Food labels – what do they REALLY mean?

Confused about terms such as ‘lite’ and ‘no added sugar’? Be wary of certain food labels and don’t believe everything you read… ‘Lite’ Not necessarily lower in fat or calories, ‘lite’ foods can be lighter in flavour, colour or taste. Some are higher in calories than the original! Pretty pictures A ripe mango or capsicum […]