There’s nothing quite like the tingly feeling of a heart in love. Evidence shows that light, happy feeling extends to your entire body and your overall health, too. Here are five reasons to love.

1. Heal your heart.

It’s little wonder why we associate love with the heart – being in love has been found to provide an array of benefits to our heart health. A study from the University of Pittsburgh, US, found women who were happy in their marriages had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those in stressful relationships. Other US research also indicates that those in satisfying relationships are three times more likely to survive heart surgery and are more inclined to express their emotions, which has a positive impact on cholesterol levels.


2. Improve your mental health

Want to stave off feelings of loneliness? Fall in love. New Zealand research shows that those in long-term relationships of more than five years are less likely to be depressed. Experts believe that the company and sense of connection that a significant other provides helps ward off feelings of loneliness and isolation-induced negativity.


3. Lower your blood pressure

Long hugs with your partner followed by a 10-minute talk can dramatically lower blood pressure and boost levels of oxytocin, a relaxing horemone, according to US research. Snuggle up!


4. Stay young

Love and its sexy cousin, sex, have been found to keep our appearances youthful. Scottish research indicates that women who have sex four or more times a week look up to 10 years younger than their real age. Not only does sex have amazing physical and emotional benefits, but passion in the bedroom has been associated with a dedication to looking after our bodies as well as the stimulation of a range of youth-invoking hormones and responses.

5. Fight ovarian cancer

Research has shown that ovarian cancer patients in satisfying relationships and with a strong sense of connection to others had more vigorous cell activity at the site of tumours compared with those who lacked those social ties.

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