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2324 expert insight how long does it take for your body to transform

As much as you want it yesterday, transforming your body will take time. We turn to the experts for their insights when it comes to transformation through diet and exercise. If you’ve ever let a shopping cart lapse because you couldn’t bear the two-week delivery wait, you’ll know the feeling of dodging fitness to skip […]

full body workout tips

The benefits of strength-training Build lean muscle with a strength-training workout to suit your fitness goals. “A combination of compound and isolation [workouts] is great, especially in body sculpting,” says experienced natural bodybuilder and personal trainer Ami Stockton. The trick to body sculpting is knowing where and how to build lean muscle and tone and […]

Train Like a Pro: Steps to Starting Your Own Personal Training Business

So, you’ve been thinking about becoming a personal trainer… how hard can it actually be, right? You’re already physically fit, people are already asking you for tips and tidbit on how you got your body to look the way that it does, plus, it’s a true passion of yours, so why not profit off of […]