If you are trying desperately to move those dreaded bat wings that seem to crop up overnight, then half moon rotations may be the way to go! This exercise will target your biceps, triceps and shoulders, leaving you with toned arms and feeling great too! It targets a range of muscle groups in one effective and intensive workout and this is why it can be such a great addition to your routine. It is great for beginners and the more advanced among us. This means that anyone can give this workout a go and reap the benefits that come along with it. If you perform this exercise on a daily basis, or at least three times a week then you will see changes in your body in no time at all. Now lets take a look at how you can effectively perform this exercise.

To start, stand tall with your feet pulled together and arms out to your sides, where your shoulders meet. They should be held directly out straight and your palms should be pointed down toward the floor. Count to twenty as you slowly rotate your arms in circles towards the front. These circles should be about the size of a watermelon, or about 30cm in circumference. After you complete 20 in one direction, reverse and move in the other direction for another 20. Lift your arms up and down once you have completed the set of circles, in a flapping motion, for 20 counts. Then you should move forwards and backwards for another 20 counts each. 

At this point you should feel the burn in your arms and shoulders. For the final part f your half moon rotations, hold your arms out straight for 20 seconds. This is one full set and you should complete the entire process for another round. 

There are plenty of exercises that you can add to your routine to tone your arms, and this is just one option for you. Other exercises you could look into include shoulder press, tricep push back, high V and lateral triceps lift. Combined with a high protein diet, cardio workouts, cutting down on refined carbs and adhering to a good sleep schedule will also increase your chance of success. You will also need to keep your fluids up and stay hydrated. 

If you train your arms three times a week minimum, you should see a significant difference in about 2 weeks, with toned arms in about eight weeks.. If you have the time to practice daily then this time period will be shortened. You should combine about eight different arms exercises into your routine to truly have the best chance of success. 

There are many ways in which you can work to tone your arms and if you start now then you should see the results in no time at all. It just depends on your schedule and how much time you have set aside for your workouts.