Raising a child is not an easy task to do. Thus, women resort to birth control to prevent any unwanted pregnancy from happening. While the pill seems to be the best birth control measure, there’s more to birth control than just the pill.

Before deciding to go on birth control, it would help to know the basics about it and come up with a sound decision on what birth control measure is best for you.

Here some of the basic things you need to know about birth control.

  1. There are Different Ways of Birth Control
    26% of women prefer taking pills because it is simple and effective. You have to take the pill at the same time every day to prevent pregnancy. It also has additional benefits like lessening the pain during menstruation and lessening your acne too.
    Aside from the pill, you can also use the patch. It is a two-inch square sticky plastic that you attach to your skin. It releases hormones and is useful for one week. A patch is a good option for women who can be forgetful in taking their pills.
    You can also choose to have an implant. The implant will be under the skin of your arm. It releases a progestin that would result in the suppression of a woman’s ovulation. This kind of method lasts for three years.
    Aside from these options, there are other birth control methods that a woman can explore.
  1. Keep Trying
    Women’s body changes along the way. Thus, if you’re experiencing side effects like weight gain, then it’s a signal that your body has changed. You might need to switch to another birth control method.
  1. Don’t Forget About the Side Effects
    Just like any other medication, birth control has its side effects. That’s why it is always essential to consult a doctor so the doctor can advise you on the birth control method that is best for you.
    The doctor will consider your medical history and lifestyle. For instance, it wouldn’t be advisable for smokers to take the pill. It’s also not recommended for people who experience migraines, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases since it can increase the possibility of blood clots.
  1. You Still Need a Condom
    Even if you’re already on a birth control measure, you still need to use a condom. Aside from serving as a second layer of protection, this is also the only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.
  1. You Have to Be Consistent
    Missing a day or two of taking your pills can still lead to pregnancy. It is also important to remember not to double dose if you missed one. It can lead to hormone fluctuations and can have adverse side effects like excessive bleeding, headaches, and change in emotions.

Before deciding to take birth control measures, it would be best to explore all your options first. Being well informed is the way to make your birth control method safe and effective. Since this is something that you put in your body, you should also be aware of what can happen if you don’t use birth control correctly