There are too many diet trends nowadays, and it’s quite challenging to gauge which one is the best. Among the least known diet with great health benefits is the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet focuses on the region’s traditional vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, dairy, seafood, and olive oil. Not only that, but this diet also goes beyond food choices as it emphasizes shared meals and physical activity.

Moreover, this kind of diet targets not only your bodily health but also your mental health because of how it views camaraderie as a factor for a happier mood. Below, we’ll give you 12 good reasons why you should try the Mediterranean diet.

  1. No calorie counting – You read that right. No need to press yourself in trying to achieve a certain calorie count for a day. You have to eat healthier alternatives like bad fats to heart-healthy ones. You can also use olive oil instead of butter, seafood instead of red meat, and fresh fruits instead of desserts.
  2. You can eat bread – Indeed, you don’t have to worry about not eating bread because, in the Mediterranean diet, you can do so as long as it is a whole-grained bread. Also, you have to eat this food in moderation.
  3. A wide array of food choices – This is another reason to celebrate the Mediterranean diet. There are ample food choices more than the Italian and Greek cuisines. You can try recipes from Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and other countries as long as you follow the basic food choices in a Mediterranean diet.
  4. Food is fresh – You can consume seasonal menu, so you don’t have to stock up on frozen ones. You don’t need to hit takeaway food drives as well because food choices are always available in the local markets.
  5. You can consume fat – The Mediterranean diet encourages the right kind of fat. Avoid saturated and trans-fat, usually found in processed food. Recommended good fat is in avocados and nuts. Olive oil is also a top choice for cooking.
  6. Spices are encouraged – Instead of using salt, spices like cilantro, basil, rosemary, garlic, pepper, coriander, and cinnamon are fantastic alternatives. These spices not only make your dishes more delightful, but they also have health benefits. Rosemary and coriander, for instance, have disease-fighting nutrients and antioxidants.
  7. You can enjoy a glass of wine – As long as you don’t have any health concern when drinking alcohol, wine is a staple in a Mediterranean diet, although it is optional. We recommend red wine instead of white wine because it’s healthier.
  8. No need for a hunger strike – The Mediterranean diet is an easy-flowing diet. When you’re craving, you can grab some nuts, low-fat cheese, and hummus.
  9. It’s entirely suitable for your heart – Almost all basic food choices in a Mediterranean diet are right for your heart. Beans, vegetables, and fruits can help clear the arteries. Fish helps to lower blood pressure. Nuts and olive oil can help lower bad cholesterol.
  10. Losing weight is possible – You might think that a Mediterranean diet is not for those who want to lose weight because it allows the consumption of oils, nuts, and cheese. However, due to the fundamental principle of this diet, including a slower pace of eating, it makes you full and satisfied, which is a factor for a consistently healthy diet. Having a constant healthy diet is crucial for losing weight the right way.
  11. It makes you mentally sharp – The food choices allowed in a Mediterranean diet are suitable for the brain as well because there are no processed food and bad fats.
  12. It can keep you agile – This is one good reason for the older adults. The nutrient-dense food in the Mediterranean diet can reduce your chances of developing muscle frailty.

We hope those reasons have convinced you to try the Mediterranean diet finally. It’s a vibrant kind of diet that will make you holistically healthy.