Health and weight-conscious women will undoubtedly appreciate learning about mindful eating.

This diet also has the name “No Diet” Diet. Mindful eating facilitates the enjoyment of foods, regardless of their nutrient content.

At the same time, it allows ladies to stay healthy and feel beautiful about themselves. What is this type of diet? What are its health benefits?

  1. Early Beginnings of the “No Diet” Diet

Millions of women generally forego the foods that they love to consume. Plenty of them believes that food is the enemy that prevents them from achieving their weight-loss objectives.

Nevertheless, with the inception of mindful eating, today’s ladies can enjoy their favourite desserts and snacks guilt-free.

The article from women’s health portal Women’s Health and Fitness relayed that the “No Diet” Diet started from philosophies in the Orient or the early society in Asia.

Monks from Tibet reportedly observed this type of healthy eating habit. Psychologist Naomi Crafti affirmed that for thousands of years, people had practised the diet.

Then, in the 1970s, American scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn introduced it to western societies. Kabat-Zinn travelled to Tibet, and he discovered the wholesome eating practice.

Since then, the “No Diet” Diet gained popularity, with Hollywood celebrities like Goldie Hawn advocating it and acting as its ambassadress.


  1. Nature of the Healthy Eating Practice

Today’s women fret when they are unable to achieve their New Year’s resolution of getting a sexy and fit physique.

They would wallow in disappointment for not losing weight and achieving their weight-loss targets.

But with the “No Diet” Diet, they will enjoy their foods more, even if they do not lose weight.

The trade-off is that, aside from the fact that they get to indulge and satisfy their cravings, they can stay healthy.

Mindful eating is, indeed, the opposite of mindless eating. It is beneficial for a person’s well-being because it is about gaining a love for food again.

This wholesome consumption practice allows a wellness-conscious woman to concentrate on the manner she consumes food, and not on the food she eats.

Furthermore, the “No Diet” Diet is a technique of being in control while a dieter enjoys what she eats.

The positive news is that this diet is for everyone. What a person needs to do is to say goodbye to her previous dieting practice.

Then, she should welcome a new version of herself which is more switched on and more wholesome.

III. 4 Techniques on How to Do the “No Diet” Diet

Women interested in engaging in mindful eating will find this dieting practice easy to follow.  Here are the four easy steps:

  1. A woman should eat only when she feels hungry.

Before taking any beverage or food, a woman should always halt. Then, she should ask herself a straightforward query: “Do I feel hungry?”

Therapist Jane Caulfield practices this step by using a make-believe hunger scale. She assigned the number one as “starving,” while ten is “full.”

The founder of Freedom from Food – Mindful Eating Seminars suggested that diners should stay between the numbers four and seven to consume food mindfully.

  1. She should tell herself that she loves food and is not guilty.

The guilt frequently makes a woman engage in binge-eating. Therefore, she should instead tell herself that the food is terrific.

Plus, she should inform herself that she is genuinely enjoying what she is eating. It is significant not to be judgemental when selecting the food to eat.

Besides, a wellness-oriented lady should consume the food that her body desires and requires.

She should not follow what a diet program or another nutrition expert dictates her to consume.

Furthermore, it is not a problem to crave for unhealthy foods like a rich and creamy chocolate cake.

It is because denying the body with the food that it truly craves for makes a person unsatisfied with her food options.

Plus, it makes a lady engage in unhealthy binge-eating and self-destructive mindless eating more.


  1. She should focus on her meal and use her five senses.

Mindful eating is about being engaged with one’s meal. Hence, a woman can perform it by preparing her meal well first.

Then, she should switch off her smartphone, laptop, radio, TV, and other distractions that prevent her from concentrating on her food.

A lady should also eat at a dining table, and not while standing, driving, or doing another activity.

Then, she should take a deep breath and concentrate on her forthcoming breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal.

While eating, a healthy lifestyle-oriented woman should use her five senses as well.

She should appreciate her food’s taste and fragrance. Plus, she should praise its texture, crunch, and loveliness.

  1. A woman should monitor her belly to check if she feels stuffed.

While eating, a woman should assess her stomach if she feels full already. Before emptying her plate or getting more food, she should give her belly time to process its feeling.

Furthermore, if a lady has finished her meal and she wants to eat more, she should give herself 20 minutes.

Then, she can evaluate her belly and determine if she is still starving and would like to take in more food.

Following these four steps will enable a woman to realize the concept of the “No Diet” Diet. She will also get a sense of this healthy eating pattern’s advantages.


Advantages that the “No Diet” Diet Gives to One’s Wellness

Women who practised the “No Diet” Diet reportedly enjoyed their favourite foods more. Furthermore, they gained multiple benefits to their well-being.

Eating the food one craves for anytime she wants to deliver a better mood. Moreover, women get to obtain more stable blood sugar levels.

Consuming food mindfully also diminishes anxiety and permits greater control over one’s eating habits.

Although it does not promote weight loss, practising mindful eating is also advantageous because it enables women to accept themselves better.
After all, they get to understand the French cliché “Bon appétit!” once more without feeling guilty with their cravings and indulgence