How crucial is it to know about the suffering? What does the knowledge about some condition do to your condition? Does the knowledge stress you down to ashes? Or does it help you deal better with it? The answer would be simple — would you deny getting some crucial information about your enemy in war? I doubt if you will. Medical conditions, too, are like your enemy. The knowledge about them always comes crucial to our dealing with it. Incontinence is one such condition. In simple terms, it is the inability to control the urination or defecation. But why does it happen? What actually makes people buy incontinence pants and products to help deal with it?

Brutal branches of this tree called Incontinence.

Although the consequence is same throughout all the different forms, i.e., you urinate, the causes might be different. If you buy incontinence pants to deal with it, very fine, but know the causes of it. One needs to know what is causing their incontinence to then deal further accordingly. There are near to five forms in which this condition has been divided based on the causes:

Stress Incontinence:

It is not as it seems. The cause is not the mental stress but the physical one. The moment some physical phenomenon, such as cough, sneeze, laughter, workout, run, or fight, exerts sudden stress on the bladder, urine leaks out. The condition is usually due to weak pelvic muscle, weak bladder, or other similar issues.

Urge Incontinence:

You feel like urinating most of the time. This might be due to an oversensitive bladder, or some infection. These bring disturbance to the neural pathways that keep on telling the mind that you need to urinate. Thus you feel like urinating throughout the days and the nights.

Functional Incontinence:

This condition has a cause that does not relate to bladder but to the other body conditions such as weakness, Alzheimer, Parkinson, or Arthritis. It is when you need to urinate normally but can’t reach the bathroom in time or unbutton the pants in time due to these underlying conditions. People

Overflow Incontinence:

This is when you urinate normally but fail to empty your bladder completely. It leads to constant dribbling even after you urinate. The condition might be due to weakened muscles or nerve conditions that send the message of ’empty bladder’ even before it gets empty. Or it could also be due to urethra getting blocked by stones, tumors, or other defects.

Mixed Incontinence:

When two of any above conditions happen alongside, we call it mixed incontinence. Pull-Up Pants Australia come helpful when the condition comes as severe as this.

Is there any treatment available?

You now are wise enough to differ incontinence as per the conditions, but what actually causes it? Sometimes it comes as some birth defect, and at others it is caused either by things related to bladder, neurological conditions, or psychological stress. Look out for what you eat or drink. Certain beverages, such as caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, chocolate, foods high in spices and sugars, work as diuretics. These foods push your body to leak out more. Avoid these things if you think these are causing it.

Some Kegel or Pelvic exercises come helpful in strengthening your bladder if the issue is due to weakened muscles. Stress Incontinence is the most to get helped with these exercises. Certain therapies and treatments work when the cause is neurological or some infection. Consult your doctor if the condition is severe. People need to speak about these issues and not shy down. Buy incontinence pants to deal with this issue until it gets treated accordingly.