Who does not want those beautiful shining hair flowing in the air? These are the traits of sheer richness that make you no less some king or queen. They speak of growth and glory. Poets write about their hypnotic spells; artists paint that dream on the canvas. We all do dream of having such healthy hair. And thus we go to the market, look out for that Australia’s best shampoo for hair growth, come home, and sleep nights after nights in hope. Fine enough, and yet not. Hair growth shampoos do work for sure, but they hate someone’s ignorance. There are things that one should be doing to increase the efficacy of these shampoos.

Follow these things apart from using your hair growth shampoo.

Our body does not love losing hair, but when we ignore our body, our body starts ignoring us. If something goes wrong with the normal functioning of the body, it starts to misbehave. Hair loss is one such manifestation of things gone wrong within our bodies. If the hair loss is hereditary, the chances of it getting help are comparatively lower. Apart from hereditary conditions, there are few other things that create disruption into the natural flow of our bodies.

  • Stress is something that majorly impacts around every other thing in the human body. Stress leads to the release of a hormone called Cortisol. It is a good hormone and helps us when we face a tiger around by focusing all our energies around fight-or-flight response. But these days the tiger seems to have been lurking and drooping around every other minute – we have a deadline to meet; an exam is on the edge; we have to attend many meetings; what about those calls I had to revert back? The tiger now is bringing havoc upon our health. Too much of cortisol starts to work against our bodies. It leads to the shrinkage of the brain, degeneration of neurons, and fewer new brain cells being made. Chronic stress is a slower form of cyanide. When things go wrong with our brain, every other body function starts to show anomalies. So be gentle to your life and perform some meditation alongside taking things with ease and responsibility.


  • Another thing is to keep an eye on your diet. Our bodies need healthy fats, proteins, and carbs. Fast food leads to obesity leads to hormonal imbalance leads to hair loss. Have a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Nuts are a great source of omega 3 acids and antioxidants. Antioxidants help our neurons from protecting them against free radicals, which damage our neurons.


  • Do some work out or Yoga. Yoga is a great way to bring ease and health to your body. Perform asanas like Hastapadasana, Trikonasana, Viparita Karani, and Sheershasana. Perform some breathing exercises apart from it, like Bhastrika, Anulom-Vilom, etc. Yoga does not only bring back the derailed body functioning, but it also improves it thereafter.

What about hair-loss shampoo?

Cleaning your hair with some good shampoo is vital to its health. The sebaceous glands on our scalps start to produce sebum, an oily substance to keep our scalp hydrated. Things go wrong when it produces too much or too little of this Sebum. Too much sebum leads to Hyperseborrhea, a condition when Sebum starts clogging the pores and giving way to a fungus that leads to dandruff. Regular cleansing of hair is necessary to ward off this fungus. So buy that Australia’s best shampoo for hair growth (if you are in Australia) and help your hair with it, alongside the diet, Yoga, and meditation. Here is a quick look at some of the best science-based hair products –https://www.patricks.com.au/collections/. Stay healthy and there your dream hair would not be very far off from you.