Want legs like Jennifer Aniston? For to-die-for thighs, do this workout two to three times per week, says PT Natalie Carter

Hot how-to:
No need to hide your pins under maxi skirts – after this you’ll want to bust out the denim cut-offs (think Hamptons casual-chic, not Daisy ‘carwash’ Duke)!

Clean eating tip:
Always have a post workout meal within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. A protein shake is great, as is a small serve (1 cup) of brown rice and tuna. Quality fuel is essential for creating muscle that looks lean and mega-charges your metabolism.

Sumo squat
1.    Stand with both feet wider than hips (like a sumo wrestler would stand), and squat down deep into your heels, keeping your back straight and head up.
2.    Hold for three seconds and return to start position.

How many: Three sets of 20 reps.

Hip extension
1.    Lie on your back, on the floor. Knees are bent, feet flat on the floor.
2.    Draw navel into spine as you squeeze both butt cheeks and begin lifting off the floor until your butt is completely off the floor.  You’re virtually making a bridge with your body. Keep your shoulders and head on the floor.
3.    Hold for three seconds and slowly come down, but don’t let your butt touch the floor. Repeat.

How many: Three sets of 20 reps.

Reverse lunges
1.    Stand with feet together and draw your navel into your spine. Make sure you’re standing tall.
2.    Step back (lunge) with left foot and lower your hips. Make sure you bend 90 degrees at the knee (knee faces the floor).
3.    Make sure your stance is parallel and hold for three seconds. Push the left foot off the floor and return it to the start position before performing the lunge on the other leg. Keep alternating.

How many: 20 in total.

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