The lastest workout craze instils a sense of kick-ass power with the side effect of a Lara Croft body, writes Cassy Small.

1. Boxing

Hilary Swank’s performance in Million Dollar Baby brought female boxing to the big screen, and toned, lean arms became the hottest must-have accessory.

Often considered a solitary sport, modern boxing classes can now be found in gyms or specialised boxing studios and consist of approximately 20 participants. “A competitive group atmosphere makes it easier to stay motivated and keep coming back. The best fitness programs are the ones that are fun and easy to stick to,” says sports scientist Lizzie Marsh

A Fighters Factory circuit class is a one-hour workout comprising bag punching, skipping, speedball, floor-to-ceiling work and stomach exercises to finish. It’s a complete full-body workout and is all non-contact.
Mirror test says sculpted shoulders and arms, a strong torso and ripper upper
leg muscles.