Did you know that cycling can improve your body and mind in more ways than just physical fitness? According to new research by Iowa State University, cycling does more than help keeps you fit. It reduces the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and a host of other diseases. The study also revealed that over 80% of those who ride a bicycle to work say their health has improved. In fact, more research tells us that cycling on the road, given the right equipment, is better than stationary cycling. So, how beneficial is cycling for women?


Helps promote happy endorphins 

Studies show that a positive mood promotes higher productivity, reduces stress, and strengthens the brain.  Research from Iowa State University claims that participants reported feeling relaxed after 20 minutes of cycling. For those who involved themselves with intense cycling, the positive impact was substantial. In fact, cycling triggers the release of endorphins, increasing health and fitness to a generally happier outlook on life.


Boosts your metabolism 

Medical studies have proved that individuals with a slow metabolic rate are more likely to gain weight compared to those with fast metabolic rates. The new study on cycling by IA State University scientists also reveals that cycling can help boost your metabolic rate. Obese subjects found that cycling for an hour a day for five days reduced their weight by as much as 10%. While it may not be much at first look, it produced instant benefit compared to other exercise types. Not to mention, having the right gear makes cycling a great opportunity to commute wherever you need to go. You can lock your bike without the worries of your ride getting stolen, losing your car keys or spending too much on gas.


Enhances your immune system 

Research at the University of Cape Town also revealed that cycling for at least an hour a day can increase the ability of your immune system to fight off infections. It established this as researchers found out those who ride bicycles for an hour each day are 40% less likely to be sick from other common illnesses. This means you can fight off cold and other common sicknesses by getting out of that couch and riding your bicycle. Regular cycling also helps you tone your body. Since the activity requires a lot of energy, it burns fat and promotes muscle growth. It also improves your endurance, strength and cardio capacity.

Cycling helps the physical aspect of your body, along with its mental and psychological aspects. As recent studies show, cycling improves your mood and behavior. Do not forget though that to achieve the best results, you need to have the right cycling equipment. With all the positive results you can get from cycling, perhaps it’s now time for you to get a bike and start pedaling away.