If you are a mother or a millennial woman who’s looking to achieve boosted health and vitality, then you would benefit from liquid supplements. In recent years, supplements in liquid form have surged in popularity and may have also captured your attention. They are essential for individuals who have a hard time eating solid foods and swallowing tablets or pills.

Aside from being easily found in Tropicaloasis.com and other places online, them being simple to swallow and super convenient are the main reasons why liquid supplements are on a trend. But what are the benefits of liquid supplements to your overall health exactly? Read on below to discover to learn more about them.


They Do Not Require Digestion

In liquid supplements, what’s medicinal from its plant components have already been extracted for you. This means that your body can immediately absorb more medicinal properties into your system. Here’s how pills and liquids differ in terms of absorbability:

  • The body must break down pills and capsules into liquid form first before it starts absorption.
  • The assimilation of liquids only takes 1-4 minutes while tablets and capsules take 20-30 minutes just for the body to break them down.
  • The body absorbs more nutrients from liquids into your body than pills.


The Body Makes Use of 98% of the Liquid Components

This utilization rate is almost double the rate found in capsules and tablets. Here are some of the processes that supplements undergo before reaching the cells of the body:

  • The body digests the supplements to extract the medicinal properties or nutritional components from it.
  • The nutrients from the supplements must be suspended in a solution first before it can be fully absorbed.
  • Once converted into liquid, the body can now start assimilating the nutrients and allow them to reach the cells.

The above mentioned processes indicate that the body has a higher chance to completely utilize the nutrients from liquids compared to pills. Since the nearer the supplement preparation to its liquid form, the quicker the effect takes place in your body.


Supplement Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are always the top concerns in the manufacturing of liquid supplements. Manufacturers examine the components of liquid at the molecular level to maximize effectiveness while ensuring that each element does not go beyond the safe concentration level.

Liquid supplements undergo the following processes held to rigorous standards before being put on the market:

  • Manufacturing of the supplements using the best technology to extract all medicinal and nutritional properties from plant sources.
  • Testing the supplements to ensure that they are safe to use by the consumers.
  • Nutrition potency testing to guarantee its effectiveness in boosting the health of an individual.


Extracts are more Powerful in Liquid Supplements

Since liquids allow for complex combinations of different formulas, it does not need fillers, coatings, stabilizers, and binders. So, you can expect it to be more powerful and potent compared to pills.

While the powerful effect of liquid supplements can provide benefits to most people, they are not for everyone. Liquid supplements are not for you if you are one of the following:

  • A breastfeeding mom or pregnant.
  • Taking aspirin, blood thinners, water pills, and heart medications
  • Preparing to undergo a surgery
  • Suffering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment.


Saving Yourself from the Side Effects of Synthetic Supplement Compositions

Unlike most supplements that come in the form of pills, liquids come from natural sources, commonly botanicals like roots and leaves. There is no need to worry about harmful side effects because the nutritional and medicinal properties of botanicals are purely extracted to the liquid without the need for synthetic materials.

In addition to being sourced from plants, here are other reasons why liquid are your all-natural choice for supplements:

  • Liquids are obtained from certified hormone-free, non-GMO, organic products, and whole foods.
  • Contain natural sweeteners to make it palatable, including sorbitol and xylitol.
  • Allergen-free as they do not contain yeasts, nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, or gluten.

It is important to consult your doctor first if you fall into one of the categories mentioned above before deciding to take a liquid supplement. With liquids being easy to control and adjust doses compared to pills, it would be easier for you to follow the recommendations of your physician.



Say you already are living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet, taking liquid supplements would be an excellent addition to stay healthy. Aside from helping you achieve a well-balanced and happy life, supplements will also help you reduce the risk of developing diseases.

From women’s health to men’s health, liquid supplements are crucial to helping the body function properly and achieve its full, healthy potential.