Exercising brings plenty of benefits to our bodies and mind, but you might not love all of the exercise equipment the same. What is more, sometimes gyms are overwhelming with the number of different props, and you often can’t make a decision of what to use. Plus, if you are making your own gym at home, you should know which equipment is necessary and which can bring plenty of benefits to your workout routines. 


TRX Band

TRX brings flexibility in workout routines as well as many benefits. If you use it or attach it to your home gym, you will be able to do a wide range of exercises for your whole body, including both upper body and lower body exercises. 



Your strength training can’t be complete without a few kettlebells at your hand. These pieces of equipment are versatile and can help you perform deadlifts, squats, lunges and a myriad of upper-body exercises. However, with so many of them on the market, you can easily seek advice for the best ones and find out more on GarageGymBuilder.com.


Jumping Rope

We all know that cardio is an important part of a workout routine but it can sometimes be tedious. That is why you have to find a fun way to do your cardio and there is nothing more fun than rope jumping. What is more, there are even jumping ropes with weights in their handles which can provide a more intense cardio and workout for your forearms at the same time. 


Balance Ball

If you feel like your workout routine can be improved and that it can be a bit more requiring, then you should get yourself a balance ball. Your core exercises can easily be upgraded and improved with a balance ball, so do some planks or pushups by balancing your arms and hands on the ball. Also, you can use it for various other exercises, such as resting your legs on the ball while pushing your hips upwards and so on. Plus, you can use it for post-workout stretching too.



Classic body-weight exercises can easily be improved to require more effort to perform. If you already find lunges, mountain climbers and pikes easy to do, then make sure to invest in a pair of sliders. With these, you will manage to include much more muscles into exercises and they will toughen you up and help you build strength and flexibility in your muscles. 


Exercise Bench

There is a reason why aerobic classes use exercise benches as part of their training. These benches can help you perform explosive exercises and widen your movement range. Also, you can do plenty of cardio and adjust the intensity levels by stacking more benches onto each other. What is more, these benches can show helpful for thrust exercises and lifting weights when you want to work on your shoulders and upper back.



There can’t be too much cardio and a treadmill can help you achieve your daily dose. If you like taking long walks or jogging, but the weather prevents it, then you can easily do your miles on a treadmill whenever you want. Plus, just 10 minutes of light jogging on a treadmill makes a great warmup routine. 



You already know that strength training should never be skipped, due to its many health benefits. However, doing them with your bodyweight only can often not be enough. That is why you should invest in a set of dumbbells that can help with a wide range of exercises. You can do lunges by holding two of these in your hands, use them for your squats, work on your shoulders, wrists, biceps, triceps and many more. Just make sure you have several different weights of these and you can create a versatile workout routine. 


Pullup Bar

Pullups can work wonders on your arm and upper-body strength, so invest in a simple pullup bar for your home gym. With this one, not only pullups are possible, but you can also work on your abs and stretch after a successful workout. 


Yoga Mat

Last but not least, a quality yoga mat is a must. These are not useful when it comes to doing yoga, but they have their purpose at the gym too. Some exercises require you lying on the floor and a yoga mat can provide a soft surface for you. Plus, every workout needs stretching at the end, so don’t do it on the cold floor, when you can stretch on your mat. 


Exercising is healthy and fun. However, with the right equipment, it can become much easier and pleasant. So, find the props you want and need and start working on a healthy body and mind.