The medical procedures and services provided by any insurance company is usually the deciding factor for most people. Knowing about the hospital stay, dental, vision and prescription coverage is sometimes not enough to go on. Some people do need more than the typical coverage and need more information to go on. For example: people who need to have cosmetic surgeries will need to know who covers the procedures and what the payment plans are, if any.  A lot of people wonder, does health insurance cover cosmetic surgery?  read below for more information.

Cosmetic surgery is a surgery that people can elect to have done to improve how they look. In Australia, Medicaid does not cover cosmetic surgery because they are not a needed procedure for an actual medical health problem. Some plastic surgeries are covered by Medicaid if they are necessary for the overall health of the individual.

Some cosmetic surgeries may be covered by medicaid, medicare or private health insurance if the surgery is related to serious health condition. For example: Breast Cancer may leave the patient with the need for breast augmentation which may be covered by health insurance providers. Liposuction may also be covered if the patient is morbidly obese.

The existence of health insurance that covers elective non-medical or medically related cosmetic surgery seems to be all but none. However, there is insurance that covers a medical or health problem that is related to a non-medical surgery.

For example: If sever pain, swelling, or infection become present as a direct result of a cosmetic surgery, health insurance may or may not cover the cost of the reconstruction, reversal or added procedures that would maintain the patient’s overall health.

Therefore, if a patient wants to have a non-medical cosmetic surgery they would have to pay for it out of pocket. However, there are some insurance companies that will pay for accidents during the surgery or something that goes wrong after the procedure.

CossmetAssure is an insurance company that offers Complication Insurance that covers the cost of cosmetic surgeries that end up in a mishap. There are some rules to this coverage that include: the problem has to be addressed within forty-five days of the initial surgery, and the surgeon has to be board certified.

Bare in mind that not every location has an insurance company that covers complications. CossmetAssure is located in Alabama in the United Sates Of America, coverage may not extend beyond doctors and patients outside the country. However, there is no harm in calling and asking if they do cover other countries.