BHARAT, India – Women entrepreneurs contribute to the entire 13.5 to 15.7 million enterprises in India. Four businesswomen share their stories on their ventures, and how you can start small and dream bigger.

The first entrepreneur is Sanjana Patel, and she runs dessert biz. The business was doing great until the Coronavirus pandemic affected her sales. Her patisserie had to cut the menu, yet it still earns 65% to 70% compared to its typical earnings.

Patel enhanced her pastry skills at Le Cordon Bleu, London, and Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi, Paris. She had many experiences with famous chefs, such as Patrick Roger, Oliver Bajard, Pierre Herme, Camille Lesecq, and Jean-Charles Rochoux in Europe.

Patel’s business began two years, and she focused on aware sustainability. They started to get requirements, like cacao from collectives, and it’s workable with Indigenous people around North America, South America, Africa, and India. She also swapped to recyclable items.

Bhavna Juneja is the second businesswoman to contribute to the total earnings of the country. She previously ventured MPowered, and this company is a Gurugram-based property management business, which she began in June 2020. This venture upraised $21 million as a program of the pre-Series A round. It came from HNIs in the United States or the US.

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Juneja began her career as a salesperson when she was 17 years old, to help her mom on financial matters. After that, she became an entrepreneur who started Infinity, life sciences, and pharmaceutical business, back in 2013. The yearly earnings are $3.5 crore, with a team of 700 people around Canada, the United Kingdom or the UK, and India.

The third entrepreneur is Vidushi Kanoria, and she’s a millennial businesswoman. She founded Soxytoes with Aayush Goenka, and the team went well because her business partner had enough experience in managing a socks manufacturing company. The two began their business to entice Gen Z and Millennials with unusual sock designs that feature millennial lingo, internet trends, pop culture show-themes, and animal prints and food.

The company provides an option for the customer to purchase socks with a subscription plan per month. Now, they began designing masks.

Kanoria and Goenka began with a business principal of Rs 1.5 lakh, which is back in 2018. The business started to be gainful since the beginning, and it previously raised an amount they didn’t disclose from an angel network.

The last entrepreneur on the list is Avni Kaul, and she founded Nutri Activania. She focused on diet and nutrition, which she pursued as a career. The took a master’s degree in food and nutrition at the Delhi University, and now, she’s a businesswoman. Before she began her business, she was a housekeeper, accountant, consultant, and secretary.

The business is in Delhi. It provides services, such as sports nutrition, child nutrition, pre and post-natal nutrition, diabetes management, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, individual wedding nutrition plans, and senior citizen diet plans. This nutritionist-businesswoman impulses clients to commit for about three months to witness change.