How to Organize a Fashion Show in 4 Basic Steps

If you are handed the massive task of organizing a fashion show, then you will also know that it is important to get yourself organized before going ahead with the rest of the planning. Whether it is for a fundraiser or a high school or you are promoting your friend’s latest line of clothes, it […]
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What You Need to Know About Buying Designer Shoes

It is the dream of every woman to own a pair of designer shoes. Of course, this may not be a luxury that you can indulge in too often. This is why, when you are able to buy snag such a prize, you make sure that you are making the right decision. It is the […]
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Medicine ball sit-up with chest press

Strengthen the core and fire up your abs with this medicine ball sit-up. Step-by-step •     Lie on the mat with knees slightly bent •     Make sure your core is engaged and your entire back is flat against mat •     Hold medicine ball at chest level •     Curl body up to a […]
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