How to Organize a Fashion Show in 4 Basic Steps

If you are handed the massive task of organizing a fashion show, then you will also know that it is important to get yourself organized before going ahead with the rest of the planning. Whether it is for a fundraiser or a high school or you are promoting your friend’s latest line of clothes, it is important to go through some of the basic steps mentioned below. Steps such as assembling a reliable team, finding a good venue, promoting and advertising the event to finding models are all integral to organizing a successful event that will be memorable for all those who attended.

Choose a Theme for the Show

For events such as fashion shows, picking a theme will help you narrow down the styles and will give you direction and clarity on the designers, outfits, venues and casting. Some of these themes may vary from Gothic to animals to denim to velvet. The idea is to create and collaborate on ideas that you are passionate about, especially if you are the designer. Otherwise, make sure to discuss with the designers to help you understand what they want and collectively pick a suitable theme.

Creating a Budget

One of the most important first steps is to find out what the funds available to you are. Find out if there is a budget allocated or if it is dependent on donations and volunteers. Most of the bridal fashion shows featuring bridesmaid dress designers include public entry with entrance tickets. Keep in mind that if you plan on using the ticket funds to bankroll the event, you will need to know how many people you wish to sell the tickets for. Some forward thinking will need to be considered in matters like this so that you can manage the show without any discrepancies.

Allocate a Team

A fashion show, however big or small it may be requires a lot of teamwork in order to produce a fantastic end show. Don’t be shy to recruit family, friends or professionals to make your event a good one. Each person needs to be assigned tasks that they can be fully responsible for and this also makes it more enjoyable and rewarding for all involved. For example; one person can be assigned to take care of the advertising and promotion of the event. This person or people will be responsible for creating flyers, marketing on social media and promoting the event in the community. They will be integral in pushing ticket sales. There will be another team, for example, handling all the clothing and models, especially during the change of clothes between the takes. Also, fashion designers might need a lot of help getting their models into the dresses perfectly.

Recruit an Emcee

One of the key pointers of a fashion show is the announcements and the smooth transitions from each take. Make sure that you hire a professional or a friend who is good at presenting to take care in hosting the show as this will ensure that the crowd is energized and the show is going in the right place.