It may not seem like the most traditional method of getting out and active but dog fashion is the way of the future.

By decking your fur-baby out in the latest trends and cute apparel you’ll feel motivated to get out and about more often.

Whether you’re matching your hair tie to your dog’s bow tie, your new trainer’s to your dog’s bandana or taking your new matching leash and collar set out for a spin, pet fashion can help you get excited about getting out and active.

There are a range of Australian based stores that stock pet fashion apparel, one stands out among the rest however for their forward stance on fast fashion. House of Boop is a Melbourne based small business that stocks handmade bandanas and bow ties. They sell both new and upcycled products in a range of fun colours and patterns that will have your fur-baby ready to take on the world.

House of Boop’s upcycled range, cleverly named their ‘Pupcycled Range’ (that’s puppy and upcycle for those not across portmanteaus) are made from pre-loved sheets, drapes and table cloths which mean the impact they have on our environment and natural resources is vastly less than products made from new materials. Buying from them means that you can get the best of both worlds in that your fur-baby can look 10/10 and you can sleep well at night knowing you did your part to keep our eco-system in tact.

Kitting your pupper out in their own active wear can motivate you to get out in the fresh air more often. Whether you’re at the newest café, jogging your favourite river walk or taking a leisurely stroll through the park, having your pooch dressed to impress is a sure way to get you excited about exercise.

Matching your accessories with your fur-baby is a creative way of making exercise interesting and fun. Let your artistic side out and get expressive with a range of colourful bandanas and bow ties.

To learn more about House of Boop’s ranges visit or visit their Instagram page @houseofboop