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What’s the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

Confused about the latest beauty balms and colour correcting products? We’ve got the lowdown.. BB cream “BB stands for ‘beauty balm’ – they’re meant to be time-saving products that combine colour, moisture, treatment ingredients, and sun protection in one product,” says Bryan Barron, research and content director at Paula’s Choice Skincare. CC cream “CC isn’t as […]

10 anti-ageing tips from the pros

We asked some of Australia’s top dermatology pros for their top anti-ageing tips. Dr Philippa McCaffery, Cosmetic Physician, Clearskincare Clinics Unfortunately, the majority of anti-ageing products currently on the market do not contain ingredients that can change the appearance of the skin or if they do, the concentration is often too low to make a […]

Anti-wrinkle tricks you can start NOW

Forget Botox. There are a number of things you can to prevent wrinkles without going under the knife. 1. Use gentle exfoliators. “An interesting attempt at DIY anti-ageing is boiling milk to release the lactic acid and then applying it for an exfoliation. It’s ineffective!”, says dermal therapist James Vivian, from Melbourne Aesthetic Health Care. […]