Washing your face is one thing, gently polishing it with a specially developed cleansing brush is completely another.

According to dermal therapist James Vivian, “Cleansing brushes are generally designed to assist the cleansing process by removing more foreign accumulations from the skin while simultaneously stimulating the complexion to detoxify and bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin from the inside-out.”

Pro purchase tips:

Vivian offers a word of caution for those with a delicate décolletage : “For sensitive skins, I’d recommend the use of a cleansing brush that vibrates rather than oscillates, as this will produce less friction on the skin.” He says. “As a therapist, I always recommend going gentle or soft with the brush head, simply to avoid any unnecessary reactions.”

Although cleansing brushes look like they ‘scrub’, it’s still a good idea to include exfoliation in your regime:
“While there is an exfoliating component to using a cleansing brush, they are generally not designed to replace an exfoliant.” Says Vivian.

Top pick:
Vivian loves the Advanced Cleansing Brush by Advanced Skin Technology (pictured) paired with a gentle cleanser like Results Rx Gentle Clean, both are available from James Vivian Dermal Therapies.

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