It takes just a few weeks for your taste buds to adjust to a healthier diet

Most of us are unaware of how many chemicals and preservatives are in our diets, thanks to the highly processed foods we select from the supermarket shelf.

Fortunately, we can retrain our tastebuds. Follow our step-by-step guide to healthy shopping:

1. Choose natural, unprocessed food

Consuming natural wholefoods may taste bland at first, but with patience and perseverance your taste buds will soon adjust to the healthier diet.

2. Introduce new things into your diet, bit by bit

“Tastebuds only take 14 to 21 days to be renewed, which means we can slowly, bit by bit, introduce things into our diet that are healthy but we might not like,” Lola Berry, author of Inspiring Ingredients, explains.

3. Consume foods with no more than 5 ingredients

“Ideally you want to understand every ingredient in a product, and preferably select items with no more than five or so ingredients,” she continues.

4. Check the labelling

Ultimately, what’s in your basket ends up in your belly, so be sure to check the labelling.

5. Never shop when you’re hungry!

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