Gluten-free frittata made with free-range eggs, or that top in the window? You don’t need to do the student diet to fund a decent lifestyle. WH&F’s savvy shoppers spill their secrets for eating well on the cheap.


1. Make a list

Plan your meals and snacks for the week and shop armed with a comprehensive shopping list that will guard against impulse.

2. Make friends with the greengrocer

Make friends with your local greengrocer and make a beeline for farmers’ markets – they’re often cheaper than supermarkets for fruit ‘n veg.

3. Look high and low for bargains

Look for items on shelves below or above eye level, as that’s where the bargains live.

4. Compare per 100g

Use cost per 100g to compare products and not cost per item, especially when buying in bulk.

5. Shop online

Monitor online food stores for deals and shop when the bargain cycle peaks. has great specials and will save you in petrol, too.