If you’re considering entering the 12-Week BodyBlitz Challenge or are simply starting a new fitness program, you can expect a range of varying emotions. Here’s what to expect..

How to survive the BodyBlitz Challenge - Women's Health & Fitness

The is a wonderful tool – with the right training and nutrition program you can transform your body into a lean machine in just 12 weeks.

However, there is one vital component of a BodyBlitz Challenge that must be considered. This is the emotional journey that you will experience as you go from week to week in your challenge. How you deal with these emotions, how you channel your thoughts and what your inner talk says to you, will determine whether you are a fabulous success or a frightful failure.

After witnessing many transformations, I have come to recognise certain patterns and trends that effect the emotions of the blitzer and I have detailed them – week-by-week, so you can identify the stages through to the very end. The comments below are from actual BodyBlitzers. Hold on for a wonderful rollercoaster ride!

Excitement sets in as you feel you can finally make a change to your body. The program is mapped out, the fridges and cupboards stocked and your pen is poised to write all those wonderful diary entries. You start strongly, completing your exercises and eating well.

MAJOR EMOTION: Excitement and anticipation.
Bree says: “I can’t wait to start on this journey – one that’s for me! I have decided to do some knitting at night to keep my fingers busy – not my mouth. Yes – I will do whatever it takes!”

You continue to exercise well and eat with discipline. You are sure that the scales will reflect your hard work – those early morning starts have not all been in vain! You may start jumping on the scales every day to see if there are any changes happening. You are desperate to see some sort of progress even at this early stage. Most Blitzers push on through week two as they realise it is still early days yet and live in hope that it will all happen soon. Results at Week 2 are often still very minimal and your weight can continually fluctuate, which causes confusion.

MAJOR EMOTION: The desire for some sign of progress.
Jillian says: “Well, how ticked off am I! I know I should not use the scales much but by the end of last week, I had lost almost 1.5kgs and this morning I am only down a total of 0.3kgs? Usually I would drop off the wagon, but I am determined not to let it beat me!”

Emotionally, it begins to get interesting now. If you have seen progress, you aspire to go on. If your progress has been slow or almost non-existant you will become impatient for results to show. Some people simply throw it all away here because they are so disappointed with their results, and others begin to question everything they are doing – and I mean everything!
NOTE: It is crucial to push on from here. Changes are still very minimal on the outside at week three. The major changes are happening inside your body – you cannot see them but the processes are in place to make you fit and fabulous.

MAJOR EMOTION: Am I doing the right thing?
Savannah says: “I can’t believe I still look the same after three weeks. This is the hardest I have ever worked and I just thought that I would be shedding some serious kilos by now. Is this the right program for me? Do you think I need to cut out carbs altogether? Should I introduce more cardio to the program? Please help – I must be doing something wrong!”


Research tells us it takes 30 days to form a habit. By the end of week four, your exercising and eating routines are becoming more familiar. You can feel some improvements within your body. Your clothes may feel a little looser, a few centimetres have come off and those dreaded scales have shifted ever so slightly. At this point, you are looking for some reassurance. Most people need to hear some positive feedback after their first month. They need to know that someone other than themselves can see their body toning up and re-shaping. This confirmation may come from a partner, a girlfriend, a trainer or work colleague. At this point reassurance is vital for the emotional journey to stay positive.

MAJOR EMOTION: Wanting and needing positive feedback.
Katie says: “I feel really positive today and for the first time realise that I CAN actually do this. I was in the shower last night when my husband walked in and said he thought that I was looking a lot more toned. This made me feel inspired to stay on track and I let him know how much I need his support to do this.”

If positive feedback has been received, the Blitzer will push on, however at the end of week five, the excitement of starting the program has disappeared and the reality of the hard work sets in. Your body can become a little tired from your training schedule and there still seems such a long way to go before your goals are achieved. At this stage a lot of people do not feel like continuing because they realise that this is not going to come easy. I have always said that “Nothing good comes easy” but if you do persevere, you WILL make delightful changes to your body, regardless of what shape it is in at this stage. A lot of great things are about to start happening.

MAJOR EMOTION: Can I keep doing this? Can I be bothered to keep doing this?
Annie says: “At the end of week five, I am feeling a little ragged around the edges. My clothes are getting looser and my top half is shaping up nicely but then I look at my thighs – yuk. I wonder if they are ever going to get smaller. Is all this hard work in vain? I really am starting to think that I am stuck with this body shape forever.”

The arrival of week six brings some satisfaction that you have made it halfway through your program, although there is often disappointment for those who expected major changes by this stage. Ironically, major changes have happened, but they have mostly been concealed inside your body ­– muscles are becoming denser and fat is oxidising. Your body shape is actually undergoing major changes but it is at a functional, not aesthetic level as yet. Most women do feel much better in their skin and their fitness levels are increasing.

MAJOR EMOTION: Realisation that changes are indeed possible.
Hannah says: “ I am still determined to succeed! Normally I would have chucked in the towel by now but because I am seeing some changes in my health and body, I’m keen to keep going with this. I can actually run continually for 30 minutes now, whereas when I first started, I would be lucky to run for one!”
The first six weeks of a transformation program are not easy. As you can see, there are many changes going on inside your body and, more importantly, your mind. These feelings and experiences are normal for all of us. We must believe in ourselves and push aside the negative banter. Hold a vision in your mind of what you will look like and forge toward it. At this point you are halfway there and on the verge of becoming totally amazing. Next month, I will detail the remaining weeks of this roller-coaster ride. Be sure to book your seats!

The process is far from over and only the survival of the fittest will bring the desired results. The beautiful, toned, fit body is awarded to the one who has the strongest mind!

This is a vital stage in the program of a BodyBlitzer. Some fitness has been attained and a routine established. The trick is to not get into a comfort zone and continually perform the same activity at the same exertion rate. The blitzer must step up to the mark and examine their program. The question is how to increase the intensity and train smarter, not harder. The program can be laid out in front of you but unless you provide more personal exertion, your efforts will be in vain.

MAJOR EMOTION: Am I doing the right things to make the most effective changes to my body?
Leah says: “I had been doing my training with a group of girls in the morning but I was feeling that I wasn’t working hard enough. I finally got the courage to suggest that we try to push ourselves harder by incorporating some running. To my surprise they loved the idea and every one of us has benefited from working out more intensely.”

For pear shaped women, the last place the weight is going to come off is the thighs and butt, and for apple shaped women, the last place is the stomach. Our bodies use these areas to store fat in case of an emergency so they are not going to give it up easily. By week eight, this becomes downright frustrating. I remember looking at my body and being totally disillusioned by the ill proportion staring back at me. I was lean from the waist up but still had large thighs in comparison. I thought that they would never become lean but I had come this far and was determined to finish the BodyBlitz.

MAJOR EMOTION: Frustration at the fact, that the place where you most want to lose fat, is the last place that is responding.
Cheryl says: “I am going insane! I have run up hills, sprinted my butt off and run stairs but I still have big thighs. I just think I was born this way. What do I have to do to get rid of these horrible fat cells, all over my thighs? It’s not as if I have been bludging or taking it easy.”

This situation can be overwhelming and demoralising. If real commitment is not there, this is where the journey ends for many. However if you get mad and swear that your stubborn fat deposits will not beat you, you may be very pleasantly surprised. A vow to train with intensity and determination to eat in order to fuel your fat loss will bring results. You see, things have been happening on the inside, and at week nine if you really dig in, your results will start to show. All of a sudden, the world is noticing your hot new bod.

MAJOR EMOTION: Relief – this IS working! I am doing this! I am really looking good – oh my gawd!
Melanie says: “I got up this morning and bounced out of bed. I felt light – I felt thinner! I put on my favourite pair of jeans, that I had hidden in the back on my cupboard and they actually fit me again. I know this is silly but I started to cry. I was so relieved that I wasn’t a big fat failure and all my hard work had been worth it!”

With some incentive from the previous week you tend to roll through the motions with renewed vigour. There is a tendency to really concentrate on trouble spots. This is good if you do not go overboard and overtrain. Some women totally scrutinise their bodies and jeopardise their results by pushing themselves too hard. This can spoil the last two weeks of the BodyBlitz, so it is important to stick to your program and nutrition plan, without trying to do too much extra. Rest is just as important as the exercise component.

MAJOR EMOTION: The will to succeed
Mia says: “I was so scared that I was going to put the weight back on that I added three more cardio sessions to my program. By the end of the week, I was totally exhausted. My body ached from head to toe and I just didn’t have the energy to even eat properly. I had to take a couple of days off before I felt I could get back into it again!”

Nervousness is evident as you realise there are only two weeks left to shape and tone your body. There are still improvements you want to make so you tend to be very cautious at this point. It is quite easy to do all the right things as the end is so near. Constant examination of your measurements and weight is common.

MAJOR EMOTION: Have I done enough to get great results?
Ricky says: “I have loved changing my body and it has all certainly been worthwhile. I really want to see my abs in my after photo and I just can’t help thinking about them all the time. I am eating so cleanly, mainly lean protein and salads and working really hard with my weights and cardio. Do you think I can get the definition I am after with only a week and a half to go?”

This is such a great place to be if you have worked hard, been disciplined and gotten results. The rewards of feeling great in your own skin are almost beyond description. The elation overflows into every aspect of your life. The sense of achievement and over your day-to-day activities is overwhelming. Finally you are in the driver’s seat of your destiny. It is amazing how much personal growth and power you can gain from simply re-shaping, toning and sculpting your body. You are in control of your world. A marvellous feeling!

MAJOR EMOTION: Pure Elation!
Vicki says: “The BodyBlitz changed my life! I finally had enough confidence to leave an abusive relationship and believe that I was an important person in this world. The 12-week Fit LioNESS program gave me back my dignity and helped me find my self-esteem again. Yes, I am woman – hear me roar!”

The 12-week Body Blitz is definitely an emotional ride of many ups and downs. But if you can stay focused on the end result and wrestle with your demons along the way you may just find it is the best thing you have ever done. With a new body and new outlook on life, you can climb any mountain to reach your dreams.

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