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Jane Saxby – July 2014 BodyBlitz winner

Working nights and studying full time wasn’t about to stop Jane Saxby from shedding stubborn excess kilos. She entered the BodyBlitz challenge to change her habits – before it was too late. I decided to sign up for the 12-week BodyBlitz challenge to give myself some accountability. I had been making some half-hearted attempts towards […]

Louise Smith: February ’15 BodyBlitz winner

Raising three kids, Louise Smith put herself on the backburner. But after taking the BodyBlitz challenge, the lifelong exercise-hater has fallen in love with surfing and the gym. After having my gorgeous twin boys and hitting my 30s, my body changed. I found that running a household and caring for my three-year-old and newborn baby […]

Kass Fraser – June 2015 BodyBlitz winner

Kass Fraser is our June 2015 BodyBlitz winner. Here, she shares her amazing weight loss story. I first saw the BodyBlitz challenge while flicking through WH&F magazine in my doctor’s waiting room, awaiting my post-operative review and clearance. I had just had another surgery, my seventh reconstructive surgery to my lower organs in four years […]