6 top tips from fitness blogger Lee Sutherland.


1. Focus on your passion

Your passion for fitness should always be at the forefront of your mind and blog. “That way, when everything crashes, or you spend hours learning how to add pictures or blog posts (and failing miserably in between) you keep powering on and don’t throw in the towel until you succeed,” Sutherland says.

2. Drop the IT geekdom

“Basic sites like WordPress are so user friendly literally anyone can do it. They also come with a plethora of templates to use (either free or paid) so it also takes away the difficult task of design so all you have to do is add the copy and start writing!” If that fails, hit up YouTube for step-by-step tutorials or enlist in a graphic designer to do the groundwork.

3. Choose a catchy title

“I think the name of the blog is really important to help attract readers in the first place. If it is too beige, why would they even bother clicking onto it? That being said, many people just use their names for the title of the blog and it links them more to their brand.”

4. Campaign for followers

Guest blogging on similar platforms, commenting on other likeminded blogs, reaching out via social media and targeted Facebook ads help to build a blog’s audience. Get your family and friends to share your page on Facebook and you might be surprised how many hits you attract!

5. Post often

Most blogs become inactive within three months, so keeping your readers regularly updated will encourage them to return.

6. Know your reader

This is key to a blog’s success and of gaining the attention of brands. Don’t become caught up in sponsored posts or adverts that don’t fit your voice, but only those you genuinely support.

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