There are more reasons why you should consider doing yoga at home. Getting to a studio for your yoga practice takes time and effort by battling with traffic and trying to get to your classes on time. Sometimes, yoga can turn out stressful for some people instead of ensuing a Zen-like experience.

As of recently, more people are now encouraged to stay at home because of the global health crisis. This situation should be enough reason to explore other hobbies, such as doing yoga at home. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult as you think and we’ll help you with how to get started. Below are tips on how you can experience healing through the practice of yoga.

  1. Allot a solemn and uncluttered space – You don’t need to have ample space, but you have to make sure that you can practice yoga in an open and quiet area to avoid distraction.
  2. Prepare your yoga props – For you to set up the mood for your practice of yoga at home, be sure to be on your yoga outfit gear. Don’t forget your yoga mat as well, and make sure that it is non-slip.
  3. Begin with small pockets of time – As a beginner, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a lengthy practice, so start with 10 to 15 minutes of yoga. You can increase your allotted time as time goes by.
  4. Do warm-up – Be gentle with yourself. You can warm up by doing tadasana or mountain pose. You can also warm up by activating your back, moving your wrist, stretching your neck, and doing a side-body stretch.
  5. Start with yoga sequences for beginners – You’ll get to the intermediate and advanced yoga poses in time once your skills improved. For now, start doing yoga at home with beginner’s poses. You can check several beginner’s yoga tutorials on YouTube, such as the ones presented by Yoga with Adrienne.
  6. Have an open-ended approach – According to a yoga veteran named Rodney Yee, it’s best to do yoga at home with a spontaneous approach. Listen to your body and its particular needs daily. Develop intuition on what poses or sequences you want to practice on a given day by also moving according to your own pace.
  7. Acquire an attitude of acceptance – Be mindful of whatever emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations that will arise while you practice yoga at home. Yoga is a healing practice. It is not rigid, like other workout practices. You can be as spontaneous and creative as you want, which will eventually fuel your motivation to do yoga even further.
  8. Make it a part of your morning or evening ritual – It is best to make yoga a part of your morning or evening ritual for you to become consistent with it. You can do yoga to jump-start or conclude your day, whatever floats your boat.
  9. Remove activities that are no longer essential – Let’s be honest in this part. To have a constant practice of yoga at home, you have to assess yourself and the things you do. Watch out for those activities that no longer serve you. This way, you can give more time to practice yoga and be consistent about doing it.
  10. Practice with someone – Be it personally or virtually, you can do yoga at home with someone. Call him/her a yoga buddy or whatever you wish. Having someone who can check on you will help you become consistent in practising yoga. Be accountable and remind each other of your goals.

As we keep saying, yoga is a healing practice for the mind, body, and soul. Let it be a reason for you to pursue and be consistent with yoga at home.