Whether you like dentists or fear them, they are just as helpful to our oral health as a mechanic is to your car. 

Every year your car needs an inspection to check if it is working, and when your car breaks down, you go to your mechanic to get it fixed.


The same applies to your teeth. Every year you need to get your teeth inspected to check if they’re in good health, and when your teeth and gums hurt, you go to the dentist to fix them. 


Avoiding the dentist isn’t an option as an adult if you want a beautiful white smile and good oral hygiene. Here are some common reasons why people avoid dentists. 

The cost

Like anything in life, if the price is higher than what we want to pay, 90% of the time, we’ll not pay for it, and to some extent that is fair. 


Nobody should have to pay for something they don’t want, but when it comes to health – there is no price above your health!


A quick check-up and hygiene clean twice a year costs less than £200 with the NHS card, and even if you go to private dentists where the cost is a little more, keeping your white smile and having healthy teeth and gums is worth paying.


A reason to schedule a dentist appointment – Think of your smile and oral health as an investment for the future.


If you keep your dental health in top condition, you will have a strong chance of having most of your teeth when you get to retirement age.

You don’t have oral health problems

This reason is more common among busy adults when they don’t experience any day-to-day issues and assume their oral health is good.


Even if your teeth and gums are in good condition, you should still see your dentist for a hygiene clean and to prevent/foresee any oral health problems.


No toothbrush, mouthwash, or flossing can match the dental tools used for treating dental health. It is through regular visits to Smile Chic that dentists examine oral hygiene to locate and treat potential fractures, tooth decay, and early signs of gingivitis.


A reason to schedule a dentist appointment – It’s always better to get feedback from the professionals in any given profession, from mechanics to accounting, to determine if everything is good or not. 


With dental health, you want that good feedback every 6 months to be certain your teeth and gums are healthy. 


One of the most common reasons adults and kids hate going to their local dentist is because they fear dental practices. 


Just being laid down on the reclining patient chair with a bright light in your face while they look into your mouth causes anxiety for some people. 


In fairness, it is understandable for people to never see a dentist because of the pain or feeling of having someone touch and look inside your mouth. 


Although, this fear comes with a risk if and when dental issues arise, like cavities, tooth decay, cracked teeth, toothache, abscess, gingivitis, or gum disease.


A reason to schedule a dentist appointment – The pain of having toothache is much worse than the fear of going to see a dentist. 


If you talk to your dentist about your fears, they can create a personalized plan for you to ease the anxiety and create a comforting way to enjoy or at least put up with the dental procedures to maximize your oral health.


A quick check-up and clean takes roughly an hour to do by a dentist, and this is just the standard practice twice a year that every adult needs to do to prevent dental issues. 


On the other hand, when teeth need repairing, it can take even longer in the dentist chair, and with more scheduled appointments required to restore the damage, that will take up more of your precious time.

A reason to schedule a dentist appointment – If time is money, then choosing to visit your dentist twice a year is a time well spent in avoiding unnecessary dental problems.