In this modern world, our lives can get so busy that it can feel like we’re living in a dystopia. Therefore, not taking time to unwind at the end of the day should be a criminal offence. 


Getting home from work depleted of energy, grumpy and tense has made “stress” the word of the century. But luckily, there are plenty of destressing techniques out there that can help you shake off the day, and here are just 5 of them.



  • Set the mood



As soon as you get home, create a mood that will get you to relax. You can do that by enhancing all your senses:




Use essential oils to create a relaxing vibe around you. Flower scents in particular are known to reduce stress levels.




Light a candle. Hygge is at the core of the cosy Danish lifestyle and, according to Meik Wiking, founder of the world’s first Happiness Research Institute, candles are number 1 on the cosiness scale because they provide natural light. 




Destressing becomes easier when you get rid of your work clothes and put on comfortable clothing. 




Put on your favourite song or musician, be it Aggretsuko-style or relaxing forest sounds. Whatever floats your boat!




Tea, wine, cake, crackers. Each – or all – are acceptable and valid options to help you destress. 



  • Practice yoga and meditate



There’s a reason yoga and meditation have become so popular everywhere in the world. Besides their many mental and physical health benefits, they are great ways to promote relaxation. 


As an early adopter of health and wellness technologies, founder of CareMax Ryan Hsu weighs in on the benefits of these ancient practices: “I love innovative technologies and using tools to enhance performance, elevate mood and relieve pain, but yoga and meditation are my go-to for reducing stress. They keep me grounded and calm and help both my mental and physical health.” 



  • Take an Epsom salt bath 



A bath should be an essential part of a nighttime routine. What better way to (literally) wash away the worries and stresses of the day? And even better is an Epsom salt bath. 


Epsom salt is a natural mineral, made up of magnesium and sulphate. Brett Edmunds, Sports Chiropractor at Paramount Health in Sydney, loves Epsom salt baths so much that he started offering floatation therapy services: “magnesium and sulphate are ideal for muscles and joints, and adding them to a bath – or better yet, using a float tank – is also incredibly relaxing.”


  • Read a book



Instead of spending time on your phone, scrolling endlessly and allowing blue light to interfere with your sleep, read a book. 


Reading not only makes us smarter, more creative and improves our memory, but also reduces stress. A group of researchers found that 30 minutes of reading promoted relaxation just as effectively as yoga and humour. 


Just make sure what you choose – a horror novel is probably not the best idea. 



  • Journal



Jot down all those thoughts and get them out of your head. With your anger, confusion and anxieties on the page, you’ll find it easier to destress. 


4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss journals for 5-minutes every day: “the balance between acceptance of the past and planning for the future creates a happy medium that allows him to focus on the present.”




There’s no doubt about it. Destressing at the end of the day is essential to your quality of life. Adding these mindful, self-care rituals to your daily routine will help you reap their benefits no matter what mood you find yourself in.