As an essential prop designed to expand and enrich poses and practice, this piece of equipment is a crowd-favourite. As thick, padded wheels that add support, weight, and an extra challenge during exercise, they allow for a variety of muscle groups to be engaged throughout the workout.

Their large size makes them ideal for increasing flexibility, allowing for extra reach during stretches, and adding new variations on existing poses – like the yoga wheel backbend and headstand.

From its beginning as the Dharma wheel, this invention has made its mark

These accessories have grown in popularity over the last few years and are quickly becoming an essential item for fitness-goers. From its inception in 2014 as the Dharma yoga wheel, the range has grown and diversified, offering a variety of styles and sizes, with accessories to match.

Dharma yoga wheel basic guidelines for the best quality

With the range of accessories on the market, it can be difficult to select one for your needs. We like to give you some insight into our factors for selecting our quality stock, so you understand what makes a good product, and how important the quality is for your daily needs.


Our selection features:

  • Quality materials that are shock resistant and fully support your activities: We also have cork yoga wheels in stock; which are eco-friendly options that make for great yoga wheels and safe daily practice. Textured plastic is also a good option.
  • Excellent construction: they’ll need to hold your body weight, and the force of your movement. With a smooth finish that has plenty of grip to hold the wheel in place, these basic manufacturing factors ensure safety when handling and using your wheel. Having hand grips on the sides also makes it great for use with different positions – so look for one that gives you versatility.
  • Flexibility and strength : these accessories need to give a little, yet, at the same time, support weight and movement from intense poses.

These basic factors are what make a quality yoga wheel that you can use with confidence in your practice.


Cork yoga wheels are one of the best options for daily practice

Cork is a material that has many uses of which these tools use as a foundation. Eco-friendly, anti-microbial, flexible, and shock-resistant, cork varieties are fantastic for daily use.

With their strength and flexibility, they’re able to impart these qualities within your practice, with little added maintenance to go with their use. As a result, they’re practitioners who want to make a healthy routine that is low impact on both their lives and the environment, thanks to the biodegradable nature of this wonderful material.


Designed to provide support for all workouts

With the stimple, sturdy nature, these products are designed for all workouts in mind. Their size, weight, and supportive materials can allow you to rest your entire body weight on the wheel as you perform challenging poses, and hold up to the task. Often made of cork, this accessory usually has flexibility, bounce, and strength featured in its craftsmanship. These are all qualities that yoga practice can give you as you immerse yourself within it.


Cheap yoga wheel options, equipped with quality

Low cost doesn’t mean low quality with our selection. As a dedicated provider of information, tips, and techniques that help you be at your fittest and healthiest, you can expect nothing less from our range.

Our products have been conscientiously sourced to give you great value for money,  alongside ease and convenience. That means you can select your wheel, have it shipped directly to your door, and find out exactly how to put it to use straight away from our carefully curated content.

For a few initial ideas, read the tips below and see how this playful accessory can aid you in deeper yoga practice and poses, as well as alleviate back pain and amplify core strength in the process.

The best yoga wheels are those that fit your flexibility and form

As a large accessory, they aren’t a one size fits all design. To get the most out of your accessory, you’ll have to factor in your physical form and level of flexibility; making sure that your practice is made safe. For those that aren’t highly flexible (yet), starting with a smaller diameter may be the best option in order not to overstretch your limits. With time and use, you may find that a larger diameter is something you can work up to, and amplify your practice even more.


4 ways to use a yoga wheel

  1. For support that air won’t give you

As far as round objects go, they aren’t always the most reliable to lean on. But, with the extra addition of weight anchoring them to the ground, they’ll stay perfectly put for your purposes. Like, for example, massaging your back – the padded arc of the design is perfect for stretching out the spine and giving it a heavenly massage.


  1. To push you beyond your body’s stretching limits

If you think you’ve stretched as far as you can go and aren’t feeling it anymore, these tools might come as a pleasant surprise. Incorporating it into exercises can both slightly modify the activity to reach different muscles and areas, and literally push you past the limits of what your body can do on it’s own.


  1. For better core strength

Being on a shaky surface makes your whole body work to keep in balance. This type of equipment is padded and round, and is a dream for activating the core to extra levels.  Yoga wheels also allow the chest to open up fully, allowing for space between the chest and abdominals, and stretching your core at the same time. This helps both in recovery and also aids in better breathing over time – both valuable in daily movement and health.


  1. As a prop to add weight and bulk throughout poses

Performing a challenging pose can be tricky on it’s own; but an extra prop pushes the limits. With a large diameter, the challenge of keeping your grip on it throughout the exercise makes it work muscles throughout the body that much more. From activating the arms and core to engaging lower body muscles that would otherwise stay relaxed during each pose, this piece of equipment pushes your practice to another level in all the versatile ways in which it can be used.


How to use yoga wheels for back pain

The suppleness and shape of these designs makes them fantastic for helping relieve back pain. Other than incorporating them in poses that help to straighten the spine, they can allow you to drape your back around them, and straighten and elongate your spine in the process.

Poses like the yoga wheel backbend allow your vertebrae to fully stretch out and lengthen, as well as massage your back in order to relieve the muscles. This brings blood flow to nerves, as well as letting the spinal fluid flow freely.

These items are also highly useful even for those who haven’t yet fully committed to regular practice. Using them to relieve back pain and improve posture for working at the computer is a simple and effective way to prevent degeneration of the back and spine.

A simple massage of the spine with the yoga wheel can last only a few minutes, but relax your entire lower back, shoulders, and neck to enable your posture to straighten itself after hours of strain at the desk.


4 different exercises with the yoga wheel

1. The yoga wheel backbend

If stretching your spine and opening up the heart sounds appealing to you, the yoga wheel backbend will be a pleasure to perform.

Start by placing it underneath your lower back, and pressing against it until you lift all but the soles of your feet off the floor, then gently roll backwards and forwards. This action will open up your chest and back, helping you straighten your posture, reduce back pain, and help promote clearer breathing.

This simple pose if perfect for beginners to masters alike, and can even be used by those who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of yoga to alleviate back pain and improve posture.

2. The yoga wheel handstand

If you’ve already mastered the classical headstands on their own, this exercise might just be the next step. This extra level is perfect for those who have mastered the original headstand, and are looking to bring extra core work and stability by using a prop to boost their pose.

With your hands tightly clasping the wheel and elbows in, bring the wheel right up against your head. Lean your chest over the curve of the design, and slowly bring your legs up to reach the headstand. You’ll feel the difference it makes in the core.


3. The puppy pose

Similar to child’s pose, this position gives added stretch to arms and back muscles.

Come into child’s pose, and, with your yoga wheel in front of you, place both hands on either of the flat sides of the tool. Raise your chest, hand, and back so that your spine is straight. Allow your head to drop between your arms and breathe into the stretch – you’ll feel it from your beck to your glutes.


4. Pull-forward plank crunches

Planks are challenging to hold and add stability to the core. With the addition of this accessory, you can add an extra level of intensity by placing both shins on top of the wheel, and pulls your legs backwards and forwards as you breathe into the exercise. This added instability forces the core to work even harder, stay engaged, and also works the glutes and thighs as they propel the legs forward.

They’re also playful prop that can deepen your poses and give you extra stretch when you need it most. The tips we’ve outlined on this page are poses and exercises that cover the basic use of these products.

As a relatively new tool, the use of the yoga wheel is constantly evolving with time. New ways of improving poses and bringing an extra level to fitness through yoga are rapidly coming to the forefront; and we’re committed to bringing them directly to you.

We regularly showcase the many ways in which you can incorporate this item into your practice and get the best from your investment and poses alike. Follow our channels and website to see more ways in which this delightful item can improve your posture, practice, and life; and make sure to put your wheel to daily use.


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