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Core fitness products for strength, power, and stability


It’s undeniable that getting great abs is worth the work – but it can take more that just your body weight to get there. Fitness equipment for abs is the key to getting the most out of your workout; and often requires the use of the entire body in order to focus on this area of your body. The tools you enlist help you to garner the best possible technique, all of which are designed to leverage your sessions overall.  

Redefine your body and movement

This part of your muscle group is the central pivot point for power in the body. Building up strength and fitness in this area can work wonders not only for your physical appearance, but, more importantly, for your performance and confidence. A powerful mid can also bring your fitness levels to an all-time high when you draw from your centre for balance and movement. Our fitness equipment for abs can help you gain a strong and tight group of muscles that powers every movement you make. Browse our range and add to your gym bag now! Simply place your order and have it shipped directly to your door.