CUPERTINO, California- Students from De Anza College found new ways to exercise and keep themselves physically active and fit.

If your problem is how to shave those fats and maintain a healthy weight during this COVID-19 pandemic, you can learn from these eager college students.

For the following De Anza College students, being physically fit is important for them. However, the health crisis stopped them from doing their usual exercise routines. For this reason, they had to look for new ways to remain in shape.

One of the students, Temo Daza, resorted to bodyweight exercises, including body squats and pushups. The 19-year old design major stated that these exercises’ repetitive nature is the most frustrating part.

During the pandemic, I’ve been struggling to stay active,”

“Doing [the same exercises] every day was getting boring, and it made me lose interest for a bit,” Daza said.

However, the issue has not prevented him from exercising. He stated that since it is his goal to stay fit, he must discipline himself and get back slowly into exercising. He should find ways to exercise.

College Students Discover Ways to Exercise During Pandemic

Another student, Idean Azari, also 19, revealed that the pandemic limited his physical training to bodyweight exercises.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I didn’t have access to heavyweights, so everything I did had to be with my own body weight,” he said.

Nevertheless, Azari stated that working out without weights are among the good ways to exercise for individuals to stay fit.

“Using your body weight, you can get a lot further than you’d think,”

“There’s a lot of good bodyweight exercises on free sites like YouTube.” Azari encouraged.

A 24-year old nursing major, Elijah Tasker, discovered another problem due to the pandemic, which is overtraining. During the first three months of the pandemic’s lockdown, Tasker said he used exercising to divert from the other problems he encountered.

“After the pandemic, I found that, with a job and school, I had a lot of anxiety,”

“I turned to fitness to cope,” he said.

Sad to say, Tasker’s focusing on exercising turned into overtraining, and according to him, it “hurt more than it helped.”

Good thing, the student discovered a way to limit his workout habit while keeping his energy levels up. He shared that he now devotes five days to focused training and one day for fun fitness.

Tasker also said that it is important to take care of yourself when you are not exercising. He shared other tips to do this.

“Sleeping and eating are 90% of fitness,”

“You have to take care of you before your body will go anywhere.”

Just like these students, you must not also allow the pandemic to stop you from being fit. There are many ways to exercise, even in the comfort of your home.